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So Damn Tired

Posted 2011.12.21 20.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I’ve been trying for three or four days now to write a big long babbling post about some electronic jiggery-pokery stuff, but when I get home from work all I wanna do is sleep.

I sit and stare at the computer and my head’s full of words but before I can squeeze them out my fingertips into the keyboard, my eyes glaze over and it’s jnue4 just bed bed bed bed bed bed I wanna go to bed.

Just getting out this brief missive is probably the high-point of my evening.


Snow Tires & Thread Counts

Posted 2010.11.13 10.42 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Last month was about the toys, this month is about being all grown-up and doing responsible stuff. Well, mostly.

I’ve had a few slow-leaks in my car tires for the last couple months and it’s annoying (not to mention bad for fuel-efficiency) to be driving around on half-flat tires all the time, and having to keep refilling them. Plus, my local gas station started charging for air recently so you have to keep a bunch of quarters with you if you need to refill all your tires.

So I thought, it’s going to be winter soon. Rather than getting another set of all-seasons, I’ll get my first-ever set of winter tires. They’re all new and shiney and nubbly – big deep nubbly treads. Well ok they aren’t actually shiney. But they’re new and nubbly! Say it with me: nubbly.

Now I’m thinking, my mum has a set of winters and a set of regular tires, but only one set of rims. So twice a year she has to get them swapped out which takes time and money. And I’m no car expert person, but I have to think that it’s got to cause extra wear on the tyres and the rims to be swapped on and off every year, then they have to be rebalanced and all that mumbo-jumbo.

So my plan is to try and save up over the next 6 months or so, for a set of sexy attractive rims and tires. Then I can keep the winter ones on the original rims (which aren’t ugly but aren’t snazzy either) and in the summer, have some sexy sporty looking wheels on my car.

And finally, having a complete set of winter wheels (rims and tyres) means that swapping them out with winter/summer isn’t such a chore – just like changing a tire, quick and easy. I could even do it myself (in some bizzare alternative mirror-universe.)

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Don’t Barf on the Furniture!

Posted 2010.03.25 8.40 in Cats by Stephanie

It’s one of my rules.

I expect most people have a similar rule, but perhaps they don’t need to spell it out – like an unwritten rule, common sense or whatever. I expect people who live with cats, will have a better idea what I’m talking about.

So my cats like cat grass. I’m not talking about catnip, but cat grass. It’s a plant, it’s grass, it’s safe for cats to eat and it helps their digestion. It’s good especially in springtime when they’re prone to hairballs, what with the winter fur shedding. Pixie is fairly good, she nibbles in moderation. Misha is more apt to gorge on the greens then hock it all back up a little while later.

Hence the rule: Don’t Barf on the Furniture.

When I give them catgrass, I remind them of the rule. Over and over. I’m glad you’re enjoying the catgrass, just Don’t Barf on the Furniture!

So imagine the joy I felt in my heart when the cats woke me at 4:00am. They had been playing chase, and the chase ended in my bedroom. Misha had been in the process of climbing overtop of me when it happened. I woke to a cat practically standing on my face making Hoch Hoch noises.

I tried to get her to move off the bed – first through reminding her Don’t Barf on the Furniture! Then by physically trying to push her off the bed. Cats have the ability to alter local gravity though, so when they don’t want to move they can seem double or tripple their weight. It makes them very immobile.

She did finally turn around so she was aiming off the side of the bed. More Hoch Hoch noises. Then she jumped down and sat in a corner. She was upset and embarrased. She knows she broke a rule, but more importantly, she embarassed herself infront of Pixie while they were playing.

Finally I could see that she’d managed to barf on the bed, the sheets, and my pillow. It looked like she got them all in a single shot – pretty remarkable. Anyhow, 4:00am is not the time for doing laundry, so I got up and tried to finish the night sleeping on the sofa.

Cats. Gotta love ’em.

Flu Sucks

Posted 2010.01.24 16.37 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So my anti-flu-shot plan seems to have backfired on me. Being the only one in the world to not get a flu shot, and therefore being protected by having everyone else around me protected… it seems that some crafty individual(s) have thwarted my plans, either by avoiding the flu-shots themselves or finding a way to introduce the virus without themselves being affected.

However it happened, I’ve spent the weekend in agony, from about midnight Friday when it struck very suddenly, through to now when I’m just able to stay sitting up for any length of time before being overcome with dizziness. Literally every inch of my body has been in terrible pain, from the top of my head down to my toes, with the one ironic exception of my throat – no sore throat. Well except for when I was busy doubled-over ‘blowing chunks’, which I did a great deal in the first 24 hours. I couldn’t even keep juice or ginger-ale down, couldn’t even take pills.┬áSo far the only thing that has gone in without coming back out is water.

So..will I have a flu shot next year? Meh, probably not. I still don’t like needles, and I still don’t trust flu shots. And hopefully, I’ll be feeling better by then and will have forgotten just how intensely awful I’m feeling right now.

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Brrrr. I’z Cold!

Posted 2009.03.24 13.08 in Cats, Photography by Stephanie
Kitty disapproves of the plan to reduce the heating bill.

Pixie disapproves of the plan to reduce the heating bill.