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Begin Transmission…

Posted 2006.06.20 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Welcome to Planet Stephanie

I didn’t really set out to have a blog. What happened was, I had a friend who needed a way to post image files to her website in such a way that they were chronologically ordered, could be paged back and forth, and had some other requirements in how it all had to work. At the same time, I had an idea that was in search of an appropriate media. And it seemed that the solution to both situations, was something along the lines of blogging software.

Now obviously there are all kinds of programs out there for blogs. But some you have to pay for, some are adware or ad-supported, and so on and so forth. I hadn’t seen any blogging software that I really liked, and anyhow, I wanted something that I could really make do exactly what I wanted.

So the choice was obvious: write my own! Because it’s two primary purposes were going to be Photos, and Blogging, I called the software Phlogger.

And, in writing it, I needed some data in there to test with and use for tweaking and fine-tuning. So I had to come up with some various posts, that made use of the varioius features… and next thing you know, I’m blogging. It was an accident, really. Not my fault.

Oh, and those two other sites, the ones that the software was actually written for? When they’re unveiled, I’ll certainly mention it in a future transmission.

So that’s it. This is my blog, and it runs on Phlogger, which is my blog software. Thanks for tuning in.
End transmission.

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