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Happy Hundredth Birthday!

Posted 2006.10.08 0.00 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

How many Hundredth-birthday parties do you get invited to? How many Hundred-year-old people do you know?

Today, my mother’s aunt Anne has her one hundredth birthday. How unbelievable is that? Think about what she’s seen, the changes the world has gone through!

– When she was six, the Titanic sunk.
– When she was thirteen, the Great War ended.
– She was 33 when World War Two was getting started.
– When she was 36 — the age I am today — it was the middle of WWII.
– She was 63 when men first walked on the moon – the year I was born.
Holy crap! She’s been a senior citizen, for almost as long as I’ve been alive!

100 Years and Counting
100 Years and Counting

Happy Birthday Dad!

Posted 2006.08.31 0.00 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

You’re the best!