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Enough with the Heat!

Posted 2012.07.05 8.10 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Ok so even though it does get sorta cool in the nights, this is getting ridiculous.

It’ll be another +90° day today. And tomorrow they’re talking about 95°!

It’s supposed to be going down to below 65° at nights so I’ve been opening the windows but it’s not helping – if it does get that low, there’s no wind, nothing to bring the cool into the house.

So we’re sweating along at a steady 82 to 85° and I think I’ve had about enough. I’m hot, the cats are hot, the fish and snails are hot.

Every few days they say there’ll be rain or a storm, and it never happens.


Update: Oh FFS now they say there’s a Warm Front coming! What the hell?!

Wrong Kind of Wake-Up

Posted 2009.04.11 8.03 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So I drag myself out of bed, bleary-eyed, and assemble the ingredients for coffee, just like every morning. Scoop in the magic powder, add a dusting of sweetener, pour in the boily water, then top with milk. Then ‘accidentally spill’ a few drops of milk to keep the Misha happy.

Blearily I get back to the living room, sit down to read my email and sip my coffee, it’s the morning routine.

That first sip of the morning…Mmmmmbleaaaaarrrrggghhh!  Why are there chunky floaty lumpies in my coffee!?  Ssssppiittttooooeeeeeyyyyy!

So I sit, contemplating the mug for a minute or two. It was like someone mixed oatmeal in with my coffee when I wasn’t looking. It was yucky. Dare I try another sip?

No, I do not. I’m now quite awake. Blech.

Now I am suspicious of my coffee, my milk, and my kitchen in general. Were there buggies in my coffee? Lumpies in my milk? Some creepy crawly in my water? Something residing in my mug?