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The Buzzz Kill

Posted 2012.02.09 8.31 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So yesterday afternoon I get home from work, and go into the kitchen to put away some fresh bread I’d bought on the way home.

Then I notice on the wall, this big fly who’s been bugging me for the last two days. I don’t know where he came from, it may not be a frigid winter but it’s still not fly-weather outside. Nonetheless, here he is.

Anyhow, he’s sitting there seemingly oblivious of my presense, even though I’m actually standing very close to him. I wonder, maybe he’s asleep and hasn’t realized that he is not alone?

So I suddenly make jazz-hands at him as I exclaim “Hey FLY!

And I swear, he was so startled he fell off the wall. Not ‘he flew away’ but he literally fell off the wall, bonked onto the counter, and only after bouncing off the counter did he get his wings moving and flew off.

I startled a fly!

Fastwind to later in the evening. I was sitting at my desk, plugging away on the computer, absorbed in converting some cpp-ish code into standard c. Then from out behind the computer comes crawling some big black buggy thing, coming right at the keyboard, right at my fingers! I swear it was growling “Grawr, I am a SPIDER, grawr!

I admit it, I jumped, and yanked my hands back away from the keyboard. Then he stuck out his tongue at me and flew off.

The cunning little buggy bastard, had even got some dust from behind the computer to trail behind him to make it look like he had 8 legs instead of 6.

The fly startled me.

Weekend Weather

Posted 2011.04.21 8.37 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Looks like we’re in for an awesome long weekend!

Yay weather!


Dinosaurs vs. End Of The World

Posted 2010.11.22 8.19 in Music/Movies/TV by Stephanie

So last night, there was this show on Discovery Channel, about the dinosaurs getting killed by the meteor or comet or whatever it was. They’ve been hyping it for a week or two, making such a big deal out of it.

Well, So I started to watch. I tried. But after only a few minutes I had to switch it off.

It’s not educational — we already have a pretty good idea of the cosmic collision theory. And it wasn’t entertaining.

Make-believe CGI beasties or not, I just can’t find anything entertaining about watching animals suffer for 90 minutes. It was just sad.

Sorry Discovery Channel – I’m sure you spent lots of money on the special effects, but special-effects-alone does not a good show make. So, booo.

What’s Worse

Posted 2010.08.01 10.28 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

What’s worse than having a giant spider living in your kitchen by the window above the sink?

When the giant spider living in your kitchen by the window above the sink suddenly goes missing.

Cos now not only do I know there’s a giant spider, but I no longer know where he’s at.

I named him Skeletor. Before he went missing. On account of his huge bony knee joints.

Giant spiders have a lot of knee joints.

I’m not a fan of spiders.

Four More Years…

Posted 2010.07.12 8.39 in Pointless Blather, Sports by Stephanie

Well it’s over. After England went out, I ended up rooting for the Netherlands. So I’m disappointed that the Oranje got so far, only to lose out in the end.

They had a good run though, with a nice long winning-streak before it all came to an end yesterday at Soccer City.

Well, perhaps 2014 will be the year. Or who knows, maybe England will do better next time around.


Posted 2010.06.27 11.40 in Sports by Stephanie

England are down 4-2 with less than 13 minutes to go… Oh excuse me, 4-1. The goal-that-wasn’t, curse you FIFA and your stubborn obstinance of refusing to allow technology into your lives! Luddites!

Come on England! Go go go!

Dang it. Now who am I going to root for?┬áNo Aussies, no Kiwis, no Brits…

Of the remaining countries, I like German wines the best so I might have to start cheering for Germany…


Posted 2009.10.31 22.03 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie