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Be Prepared to Evacuate

Posted 2012.11.27 13.04 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So this tweet turned up on my twitter tweetalog. Tweet tweet.

This raises some key questions:

  • Do they know something I don’t?
  • Is this because xmas is coming and this is my one and only warning?
  • Should I be stocking-up on canned food, bottled water, and ammunition?
  • And if you follow the link in the tweet, it takes you to a page at Brampton City Hall. There’s a photo of an evactuation on the page… where the fsck was that picture taken? Cos it sure as hell wasn’t in Brampton. (Or if it was, I need to get out more.)

Fleeing the Not-Brampton! Seriously, is this even in Canada?

Oh, maybe this is that Mayan 2012 thing? There’s just over 3 weeks left till the world ends. But if the world ends, where are we supposed to evacuate to? I think BEMO needs to provide us a map or something…

Pics @ Etobicoke Creek

Posted 2012.09.23 23.20 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

I went for a bit of a walk this morning, to have a look at where the local river (the Etobicoke Creek) emerges from a concrete diversion channel and reverts to its natural riverbed.

The diversion channel thingy was built in the 1950’s (if I remember right) as a solution to prevent downtown from flooding every year.

I’ve never really looked closely at it before, though it is not far from my house. The diversion channel thingy is really small and makes the river look like a wee little stream, but it must be deep and it does move fast.

Now I’m curious to go see the other end, where they squeeze the river down into that little concrete channel.

The film was expired Shoppers Drug Mart “EasyPix” brand (made by Fuji I believe), ISO 200. It came out with some interesting colour shifts, kind of an overall pink tone. I’ll have to try and remember to overexpose it by a stop next time to see if that helps.

Shot with my Lomography LC-A+ RL and developed at home in my kitchen sink with my tired old Press Kit colour chemistry – 14 months old and still going strong.

Loafer’s Lake Park

Posted 2012.08.20 8.33 in Photography by Stephanie

A couple weeks ago I took a walk around Loafer’s Lake, a small manmade lake in the north end of town. I was looking for some subject matter for photography, and water is one of my favorites. The Etobicoke Creek flows around the lake too, so it was twice as fun.

I’d taken two cameras, loaded with different kinds of film. I developed the first one right after the little excursion but was unhappy with the results. The camera was a Leica AF-C1 – a plastic autofocus, probably made by Minolta, but with the Leica branding. It was disappointing.

The other camera was the Lomography LC-A+ and it performed rather better, loaded with generic ISO-800 colour print film.