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Updates & Plugins

Posted 2009.11.14 10.24 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

A while back I ranted a bit about how updates seem to come one after another, and it got very annoying to update something only to have a new version come out the next day.

Lately it’s been pleasantly quiet. This morning though there was a plugin update. The plugin that drives my ‘Random Words’ on the sidebar. So I did the update – it didn’t seem to be a security update nor any additional functionality, but I don’t like that update reminder there infront of me all the time so I went ahead and did it.

Dang blast it, I followed the directions and it erased all the preferences. Grumble grumble damn and curses. I hate when that happens! Of course I don’t remember what the preferences were – little details like point size, colours, and all that. Plus, when I followed the update instructions the thing didn’t even work – fatal error. I don’t really mind the 5 minutes I spent fixing the bugs in the plugin, but the 10 – 15 minutes of screwing around trying to get the preferences just right, really ticks me off. Because I can’t get it just right. I don’t remember what the exact colours were before, and I can’t get it the way I like it.

Why the bleepity bleep do they have to delete the preferences for a minor maintenance type update? Crap and flying monkeys, but it pisses me off. 😡

Now every time I look at it, it’s going to annoy me until I get it just right.