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Wicca Plus 3.1 Released

Posted 2014.10.16 8.36 in iPhone by Stephanie

Wicca Plus v3.1


Wicca Plus version 3.1 has been released!

After iOS 8 was released, a bunch of ugly bugs turned up in Wicca Plus.

I had tested against one of the betas and didn’t find anything wrong, but in retrospect I had not tested thoroughly enough.

The fix is now finally out however. Wicca Plus version 3.1 works with iOS8 and iOS7, and is compatble with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

I apologize for the delay in getting this out to everyone.

If anyone is still seeing problems after upgrading, please join our support forum and let me know.


Wicca Plus is available on the App Store.



The Elusive Humming-Both

Posted 2013.08.03 19.41 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It has the head of a butterfly! The wings of a moth! The torso of a humming-bird. The tail of a lobster! It flies like a humming-bird or bee – forward, back, left, right, up, down. It’s an inch and a half long!

It’s the Humming-Both!


Or it’s something else, but it’s big and wierd and I’ve never seen one of these before.

Mysterious maurading chitinous chimera flies over flowers, pilfering pollen and nabbing nectar!

Damn Flu

Posted 2013.01.16 10.32 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

This being-sick stuff really sucks.

After running down the symptoms I’m pretty sure my coughbugvirusflu thing is the flu.

It’s been over a week and I don’t feel any better at all. Still have a sore throat. Still feel it in my lungs. I wake up a half dozen times a night feeling like my lungs are full of cobwebs and clumps of wet dust.

Can barely talk. Exhausted, much more so than usual. The thought of doing anything at all just fills me with weariness.

My everything hurts.

I don’t think this so-called flu medicine is doing anything, but I’m afraid to stop taking it incase it is helping and stopping it would make things much worse.

Feeling like a wimp for being so badly whupped by this bug.

The Buzzz Kill

Posted 2012.02.09 8.31 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So yesterday afternoon I get home from work, and go into the kitchen to put away some fresh bread I’d bought on the way home.

Then I notice on the wall, this big fly who’s been bugging me for the last two days. I don’t know where he came from, it may not be a frigid winter but it’s still not fly-weather outside. Nonetheless, here he is.

Anyhow, he’s sitting there seemingly oblivious of my presense, even though I’m actually standing very close to him. I wonder, maybe he’s asleep and hasn’t realized that he is not alone?

So I suddenly make jazz-hands at him as I exclaim “Hey FLY!

And I swear, he was so startled he fell off the wall. Not ‘he flew away’ but he literally fell off the wall, bonked onto the counter, and only after bouncing off the counter did he get his wings moving and flew off.

I startled a fly!

Fastwind to later in the evening. I was sitting at my desk, plugging away on the computer, absorbed in converting some cpp-ish code into standard c. Then from out behind the computer comes crawling some big black buggy thing, coming right at the keyboard, right at my fingers! I swear it was growling “Grawr, I am a SPIDER, grawr!

I admit it, I jumped, and yanked my hands back away from the keyboard. Then he stuck out his tongue at me and flew off.

The cunning little buggy bastard, had even got some dust from behind the computer to trail behind him to make it look like he had 8 legs instead of 6.

The fly startled me.

WordPress Woes

Posted 2009.11.20 13.13 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

All in all, wordpress seems to be a very fine blogging and CMS platform. I’m generally pleased with it. There are just a few things which drive me up the wall.

Today there are two things which have been bothering me for a while. First is emails – I’m supposed to get an email when there is a new comment, or a comment awaiting moderation. That worked at first, some long while ago, but then it just stopped working one day. I also have this ‘subscribe to comments’ thing which is supposed to let commenters get an email when there’s a follow-up comment, but I figure that stopped working too – if it can’t email me, it probably couldn’t email anyone else either.

So today I finally got frustrated enough to do some digging and debugging. First thing I found was the PHP mail() function. Appearantly this was the culprit and needed to be tested. I tested it, and it worked like a charm. No problem. Hmm. More digging, more debugging.

It seems that perhaps with WordPress 2.8, someone decided that the mail() function was a wheel that needed re-inventing. So some low level behind-the-scenes thing that was hardly worth mentioning got tweaked, and mail stopped going out. I know this didn’t just affect my blog or my server, since there are dozens and dozens of threads, support queries,and me-too comments about other peoples’ blogs no longer sending mail.

Anyhow, I got a bigger stick, poked at it some more, and now finally it seems to be emailing again. Halleluya.

The other thing that is still bugging me, is a bug in the sidebar calendar.

From what I can tell, it only manifests when looking at a single-post page or an archives. Not a static page, not the home page. I just noticed it this month, where the first of the month is the first day of the week. For some reason, the padding is out of whack and buggers up the first line of the calander. It seems to affect other months at random though, with wierd results:

09-June 09-November

I can’t figure it out. I’ve checked and double-checked my theme files, I can’t see anything in there that could possibly be messing with the calendar. Yet everything else works. I’ve found that other people have reported the same problem, but without resolution.

I think there’s something buggered in the core WP files, but I can’t figure out what, or why it doesn’t affect other people. This one still has me stumped, and is going to be bugging me all the rest of November.