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Busy Busy

Posted 2014.04.01 20.06 in iPhone, Work by Stephanie

Sorry the posts have been few and far between recently / the past few months / this year.

The good news – I’m barely depressed at all lately, so no doom-and-gloom posts to darken your days.

The ‘bad’ news – I’ve been so busy working on things, I keep forgetting to stop and make time to post about stuff.

I’m doing about 50% working on app-related things, and 50% working on my ‘regular day job‘ stuff. App stuff is fun and interesting, the day job stuff is…day job stuff. Plus, it’s tax-time which is always fun. You know, fun like dental surgery.

I’ve got a brand-new app I’ve been trying to finish for a week and a half now, but I keep finding new features to add and new bugs to squish. Then I have another update I want to push out for Overlord! – a minor bug squish and another new feature or two.

Then I have a Very Big update for Wicca Plus to get cracking on. More features, more goodies. I don’t want to spoil it, but if I manage to succeed at what I’m planning, it will be very nifty.

Busy Busy.

WTF is up with Apple lately?

Posted 2009.07.31 15.57 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I’m a Mac user. I have an iPhone. I (heart) the Mac OS X. But I’m no Apple fangrrrl, I don’t drink their kool-aid. I like their products but I’ll call them on their BS when I see it. I don’t expect them to be all warm and fuzzy, I understand that they are a big business and all that jazz. But lately it’s starting to feel like they’re going out of their way to remind us that all we are to them is dollar signs.

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Industrial-Strength Geese

Posted 2009.07.12 9.27 in Photography, Uncategorized by Stephanie

I work in an industrial park type area – factories, auto body shops, office buildings, et cetera. The area is bordered by an 8-lane freeway, a big 6-lane traffic-artery, and two 4-lane major roads. It’s all asphalt, tar macadam, concrete and brick, punctuated with the occasional grass lawn or weed-infested ditch. Speaking of which, a drainage ditch runs through the area, carrying industrial runoff and trash on a journey that eventually links up with the region’s drinking-water supply.

But I digress.

ducksIn spite of all this, the industrial area is home to at least two separate permanent gopher populations, and this spring it has been home to eight adult geese – who proceeded to hatch and raise four hoards of babies. While the babies still had their baby-down, I was able to count over 20 of them, along with the four proud couples of parents.

Aside from the sheer perserverence of Mother Nature, I am also impressed and happy that everyone is willing to stop and give the geese safe passage, when they choose to cross all the busy roads. Business-men, truck drivers, delivery-persons, everybody stops when the geese roam out into traffic.

It gives me a good feeling.