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At The Vet

Posted 2013.11.10 3.06 in Cats by Stephanie

At The Vet


Posted 2013.06.12 8.53 in Cats by Stephanie

Staying in here till it’s safe to come out!

Cats & Their Toy Mice

Posted 2012.08.18 10.19 in Cats by Stephanie

I think it’s kind of cute that the cats tend to keep their toys all together. I’m sure it’s just coincidence or whatever, but they play with the toy mice then when they’re done playing, the toy mice all end up in a little group.

Except there was something… unusual about the collection of toy mice, this morning.

Maybe don’t read on, if you’re easily squicked out.

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A Lesson Learned

Posted 2012.04.18 8.13 in Cats, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Recently, I’ve been thinking about some custom T-shirt designs. So the conversation this morning went something like this:

Me: Hey cat, how’d you like to be on a T-shirt?

Misha: Meh. I was on a bunch of T-shirts last night, it’s nothing special.

Me: … Um what?

Misha: On the sofa. They were comfy.

Sometimes, I’m a bit lazy and my clean clothes get from the dryer to the sofa (where I sort them out) but then don’t quite get from the sofa to the closet or dresser.

Me: You were sleeping on my clean clothes. I should have put them away.

Misha: They’re not clean.

Me: Yes they are, I just did laundry the other day remember?

Misha: No, I mean, I was sick last night.

Me: …

Misha: Not my fault. You should have put them away.


Posted 2011.08.09 12.14 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

Another “experimental” technique for playing around with film and photography, Redscale is where you load the film backwards in the camera. That is, instead of the emulsion facing the lens, you load it so the emulsion is towards the backplate and the back of the film is towards the lens.

Redscale, like cross-processing, is another one of those well-known techniques that I’m only just trying out now.

This technique mostly only makes sense with colour negatives. The idea is that film for colour prints includes a red mask in its base layer. If you look at processed colour negatives you will see they do have an overall red, orange, or brownish tone to them. When using the film as intended, this has no effect on your pictures as the light coming in through the lens strikes the emulsion before getting to that red mask.

When the film is loaded backwards however, the light has to pass through the mask before getting to the emulsion, giving the pictures a red or orange tone. There can be additional strange colour effects as some films employ additional colour filtering in between the layers of emulsion, and when using the film ‘backwards’ everything is in the wrong order.

The four images above all came from the same roll of film. I found that the amount of red varies with the exposure, as the longest exposure had the most non-red in it. These were all shot with my beat-up Holga, using medium-format ISO 100 colour negative “redscale” film, processed and scanned at home.

I’m going to try some more of this redscale stuff. I had been thinking to try it with a faster film, but I’ve read that faster films have darker anti-halation coatings which nullify the speed advantages. I might try it anyways just to be sure.

The Pixie Point System

Posted 2010.11.09 8.14 in Cats, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Pixie seems to be a little confused on how the points-system works. I’m hoping she will read this, and maybe print out a copy to keep handy so she can reference it later.

  • 5 Points – Catching a mouse.
  • 10 Points – Killing a mouse.
  • -5 Points – Letting a mouse go.
  • -10 Points – Letting a mouse go in my bedroom.
  • -15 Points – Letting a mouse go in my bedroom at 3:00am.
  • 0 Points – Catching & killing a mouse, but keeping it a secret.
  • -25 Points – Hiding the mousey remains so I won’t find it for a full month.

The real problem here is that it only takes one or two mistakes to wipe out the points she earns from a couple good jobs. This is only compounded by the fact that she doesn’t quite grasp the intricacies of the system, so she may think she’s done an awesome job in her own mind, while I meanwhile am spending the past month wondering what the heck is that smell in the livingroom and where the heck is it coming from.

Corydora Kitten Cat Fish!

Posted 2009.10.24 11.53 in Aquaria by Stephanie

OMG – this morning I was sitting around trying to think of some good ways to procrastinate on my chores, when I noticed something small, dark and wriggly scooting along just above the gravel in my aquarium.

I moved in for a closer look, and to my shock there was a wee little teeny tiny Peppered Cory catfish! A baby catfish!

A kitten fish! Squeeee!

Cory Kitten Fish

My two corydoras have been mating like crazy for what seems like at least two months, but I didn’t think anything had come of it – the eggs looked like duds, and they all get eaten within a few days. So this was totally unexpected!

The little baby is about 1/2 inch long, I don’t know how old that would make it, and I don’t know if there might be others. It’s obviously done a very good job at hiding, to have survived to get to this size.

It looks just like the parents, except in miniature.