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Another Postless Week

Posted 2006.08.25 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Sorry bout the lack of posts. Between work and CFS and stress, I haven’t really had much to say.

About the only extracurricular activities have been playing with lasers, and most of that’s been documented on the Lasers page, so it would be redundant to post it here.

Still, just to keep things going… Today’s a bad day to be a match around here. I’ve been cooking them off, in an effort to capture some really good dying-match scenes. Here’s a couple of my favorites.

Green Strike!
Match succumbs to Green Laser!

Red Strike 1!
Flare jet from match almost hit Pulsar!

Red Strike 2!
Burning red match with red Pulsar!

Proton Energy Power Pills

Posted 2006.07.23 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Chronic Fatigue Syndrom is something that I didn’t believe in for a long time. Sort of like carpal tunnel syndrom – if you don’t believe in it, it cannot affect you. Problem is, when you’ve been feeling exhausted, have trouble staying awake, have trouble sleeping, and have 6 or 7 other related symptoms, for 15 or 16 consecutive years, it’s hard to continue disbelieving in CFS.

Of course, it doesn’t help when a lot of other people also don’t believe in it, so that’s probably my come-uppance for not believing in it myself. (I still don’t believe in carpal tunnel syndrom though, so there.) Anyhow, even the doctors that do recognize CFS, agree that there is no known cure at the moment.

Days like today where the housework has been piling up all week, Saturday was wasted by laying around resting, so the laundry and dishes and cleaning must be done, are days where even a short-term remedy for CFS would be most welcome.

Fortunately, it turns out there is a short term solution. It’s not perfect, there are risks and side-affects. It’s an over-the-counter cure that most college and university students probablly know well: Proton Energy Power Pills (also known as caffein tablets) are the thing! Just take them with some coffee, cola, Jolt, or whatever. Pow! Short term energy. Also, paranoia, shakes, and upset stomach. So it’s not perfect.

But, it gets the laundry and dishes done.

357 Magnum pills