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Ham Radio Pages Updated

Posted 2009.07.25 12.04 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Hobbies by Stephanie

At long last, I have finally updated all the ‘coming soon’ pages under the Radio Stuff section of this site.

It’s about 3 months since I had intended to get them finished, and about 6 months since I actually started in the first place. So, sorry about the delay everyone. Things are gradually falling into place. I’ll have to take time at some point to review all the pages and make sure there aren’t any dangling ‘coming soon’ or ‘under construction’ things, or dead links.

The site has grown to (as of this writing) 63 pages, nearly 400 posts, and almost 100 comments. If I remember correctly, it serves three separate domain names, and contains about 5 megabytes of data — not including the photos, videos, and other uploaded media / attachments. There are a dozen plugins, including a couple of my own creation, and many of the others modified or customized to my requirements, a number of widgets, again including a couple of my own creation, and two customized themes – a normal version and a mobile version.



It’s Spreading, this CMS…

Posted 2009.04.07 13.21 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Work by Stephanie

So after what feels like maybe a month of using WordPress as both a blog and CMS, I’m starting to see applications for it everywhere.  Like work, for example.

It took me a few weeks to get this site to where I like it; a week or two to get the Waikiti site where I like it; there are still some minor issues with my iPhone site that need to be addressed. But at work, it took less than 3 hours to start from scratch and end up with a fully functioning wordpress-powered CMS site with its own almost-unique* theme.

maksystems site

(* I say almost-unique because I did use some of the visual elements of this site on the Maksystems site.)

Mmmm… CMS…

Posted 2009.03.19 9.16 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Maybe it’s just that I’m all excited to be learning something new, but I’m starting to really dig this WordPress CMS (Content Management System) thing.

Coding by hand has its advantages of course, like ultimate control and precision.  But there are times when that’s a pain in the rear.

So now I’m starting to feel tempted to gradually migrate the rest of my site — or at least, the relavent chunks of it — over to being powered by WordPress.  After all, it’s been pretty much the same for a few years, it could use a facelift.

On the other hand, I have a lot of open projects and it’d probably be a lot of work… so I’m bouncing it around in my head for now.  Still, knowing me, it’s the sort of thing that I might compulsively end up doing one night in lieu of sleeping.