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Posted 2010.03.12 11.48 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

A hundred thousand hits. Wow. The 100,000th page hit came in sometime in the last 30 hours or so. There was no fanfare, it just happened. During the night probably.

On the one hand, it’s not too great an accomplishment when you consider I’ve been counting hits since around autumn 2005. On the other hand, over 60% of the hits have come in the last year or so!

My memory is not the greatest, but I think it was around this time last year that I migrated my whole site over to WordPress. Then it was some time after that, when I built my Simple Counter plugin. I didn’t bother to make note of when I had the 0.1alpha version up and running on my site, but it was probably in spring of 2009.

Whenever it was, my counter was around 37,000ish, when I moved it over into the Simple Counter plugin. So however you slice it, that’s over 60,000 hits since moving the whole shebang into WordPress. Pretty nifty.

Some other interesting numbers:

  • My Lasers subsection has gone over 400,000 hits. Lots of geeks out there like shiney, dangerous things. I know, I’m one of them.
  • Much to my surprise, my Knife-Making page has proved to be rather popular; indeed it is second only to the Lasers section in popularity.
  • Since I started using Akismet, it has blocked over 10,000 spam comments.
  • I’ve published 678 posts, and 65 pages on this site.
  • There have been 328 comments posted.

Other pointless info: Lately most of the spam has started with the word “Porno!” which is wierd, you’d think spammers would have guessed this word might raise alarm bells. Unless it’s reverse psychology…

So that’s about it for the gosh-numbers I guess.

Thank you all who come and read my crazy babbling. I invite you to leave comments, sign the guestbook, or share your opinions on whatever posts catch your interest.

Just don’t open your comment with the word “Porno!” 😀


Simple Counter Plugin

Posted 2009.07.15 10.12 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

A while or two ago, I mentioned I was working on a counter plugin for WordPress. I still haven’t written the documentation, but seeing as that’s not going to happen any time soon I figured I ought to publish what I have so far, and worry about documenting it later.

The specs are all in the previous post (linked above). You can download the file here: SimpleCounter for WordPress.

Here are two examples of how it can look, as the style is entirely controlled via css:

Screen 1 Sample Screenshot

And here is a screenshot of the settings screen (click to enlarge):

Settings Screen

The plugin provides a widget, and it also lets you place a counter on subsequent pages… this is where the documentation is really necessary, I’m afraid. It’s coming though, someday, soon, I promise…

To install, just unzip the file and put the php file into your plugins directory. Activate the plugins, then you can access the settings screen through Settings -> Simple Counter. To place the widget in  your sidebar, just go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag the widget where you want it to appear.

The plugin is tested and compatible with WordPress versions 2.7 through 2.8.1

Super Simple Counter 2

Posted 2009.04.29 18.31 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I’ve been working some more on the super simple counter I mentioned here. It’s still very simple, but maybe not super simple any more. The goal is still to replace the older (and more complicated) cgi-based counter with something that is entirely contained within WordPress. I’ve already achieved that for the main site counter, but I also have a number of page-specific counters on some of my static pages (eg. the Lasers page, Knife-Making page, etc.)

I’ve been enhancing it further, and adding more features. It now includes all the following features, in one easy-to-install WordPress plugin:

  • Can be used as a sidebar widget or placed anywhere else on the site.
  • Output is styled through the theme’s CSS file, using a .counter class.
  • A starting number can be specified, to facilitate migrating from other counters.
  • The counter defaults to display only on the site’s Front Page, but can be set to appear on all pages.
  • The counter only increments when the site’s Front Page is displayed.
  • The counter can be suppressed so it doesn’t even display on the Front Page, just increments.
  • The counter logs the last visitor IP address, so page refreshes aren’t counted.
  • The number of digits displayed can be set.
  • The counter can be configured to display the output with commas separating the thousands.
  • The title can be customized (only applies to the sidebar widget.)
  • Settings are configured through the WordPress Admin site, as a Settings sub-page.

In addition to the saved settings, I’m looking to include the functionality of run-time arguments to enable further customization. 

Much of the functionality is already in there, only a few things are yet to be enabled. I’m testing it now, and when I’m confident it is working as advertised, I’ll post a link to download the plugin. Oh – and this time, there’ll be Documentation!  🙂

Super Simple WordPress Counter

Posted 2009.04.23 17.40 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I’ve been using a fairly complex cgi counter program, and spent some time today making a WordPress widget that would interface with it so as to have my fancy counter displayed in the sidebar.

After playing with it for a while, adding more and more options, I realized that I was really over-complicating it. I don’t need all the fancy capabilities of the cgi counter, and it would be easier to build a solution that didn’t have to rely on outside components.

So I started over, and made a super simple counter that can be added to a WordPress-powered site as a plugin. The ‘full featurelist’ is as follows:

  • Super simple to install – just upload the plugin, activate it, then activate the widget.
  • No other files to load, no complicated data / font directories required.
  • Position it like any other sidebar widget.
  • Output is styled via your theme’s CSS file.
  • Only appears on your site’s ‘front page’ (whether it’s a blog page or a static page).
  • Remembers last visitor so page ‘reloads’ won’t increment the counter.
  • Easy to configure, via the WordPress Widget admin screen.

There isn’t really much to configure:

  • You can set a title, or use the default (Counter)
  • You can specify the number of digits, or leave it at the default (6 digits)
  • You can select whether or not to use a comma to separate the thousands
  • You can manually change the counter number (*)

(* this option is to allow you to switch from another counter to this one without having to start over at 1. Obviously, tinkering with the number more than once is cheating.)

I’ve named it StephCounter and anyone interested can download it here: Please note, it comes with no support, no warranty, and (at the moment) no instructions. It is released under the GPL license and uses PHP.