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Zebra Fry: Still Alive

Posted 2009.10.08 12.05 in Aquaria by Stephanie

So my two remaining zebra danio fry continue to live and grow! Of the seven that went into the breeder basket in my big tank, 5 of them wandered out through the slats (why make a breeder basket that fry can get in and out of?!) and were soon disappeared. I believe they were eaten by the rasboras. But two of the fry stayed in the breeder basket.

fry1Eventually I got an idea that I should have had like 3 weeks ago. I picked up a small cheap “aquarium” to use as a nursery. A 1 gallon “minibow” acrylic tank, it uses an under-gravel filter with an air bubbler. Cheap and inadequate as a ‘real’ tank, it works fine as a nursery tank for my remaining fry.

I put them in, threw in a pair of ‘pest’ snails (a physa and a trumpet) and a bit of plant that had been floating around one of my tanks. Voilla! Fry nursery.

fry2The remaining fry are growing well, they’ve gotten a bit longer but more importantly, they are ‘filling out’ and becoming little fish. They’re a little under 1/2 inch long, their bodies are growing more fish-shaped and they’re slowly getting all their little fins. Their tails are the right shape. The photos still don’t do them justice, but you get the idea.

I just wish I’d have thought of the nursery tank before I lost 5 of the fry in the 38 gallon tank. Sigh. Also I haven’t gotten any more fry out of my zebra danios in a long time – some new pest has moved into the gravel and is efficiently eliminating all the fry, possibly before they even hatch out.

Nursery Tank

Nursery Tank

Fry Update

Posted 2009.09.08 19.34 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Well it’s been a little over a week, and the zebra fish fry are still alive! (Most of them, anyways.) There have been a few that expired, but there’s still maybe 2 dozen so far that are still going.

They have grown noticably larger to the naked eye, there are details visible now. They aren’t much longer but they’ve gotten more fish-shaped, not just two dots on a line. Their little bodies are starting to appear. The largest ones are starting to grow tail fins. The problem is, they are still next to impossible to get pics of. And the only pics I could get, don’t really accurately show them as they look to the eye.

Fry 1

They are a little bit see-through, so you can see their outline, their eyes, and their digestive tract. Yum. The two I managed to get pictures of don’t appear to have started growing tail fins just yet.

Fry 2

Their length is about 5mm, the largest one right now is about 6mm long. I’ve searched the ‘net a few times but keep finding the same unhelpful information. I don’t really know what I’m doing, as far as raising them, so it’s just a matter of wait and see how things work out. I’m still feeding them on “first bites” commercial fry food. I don’t really know when they go from being “fry” to being “fish”. I guess when they have fins, maybe?

Zebrafish – Bigger and Better

Posted 2009.08.26 16.08 in Aquaria by Stephanie

It’s been nearly 3 months now since I got my zebra danio fish. I started with just two, Shifty and Popeye, then after a week or so, I added five more. They were small, like an inch to inch and a quarter long, they were also skinny and scrawny. I couldn’t tell males from females, though I realize now that this is because they were somewhat young and hadn’t fully developed.

Of the new five, only two got names. The albino, I named Blondie and there was one that was so scrawny that I named it Runt. I actually didn’t expect Runt to survive, he looked that unhealthy.

Anyhow, so here we are a mere 12 weeks later, and not only are all seven of them alive and going strong, but they’ve gotten bigger, developed, and been mating like crazy. (Although zebra danios are rather fast twitchy fish, everything they do, they do it like they’re crazy.)

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Fishy Photography

Posted 2009.06.14 9.31 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

Zebra Danios (Danio rerio) have been described as “spazzy” fish who “do everything fast”. They are playful, schooling fish who like to hang out in groups and play around with each other. “Chase” or “tag” seem to be their favorite games. As such, it’s quite difficult getting these little guys to slow down enough to get a picture! Thank goodness for digital cameras, otherwise there’d be about a dozen blurry streaks for every clear pic.

Some of my Zebra Danios

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