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Happy Canada Day

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Rather Dark Today

Posted 2013.08.07 10.56 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It’s looking rather dark out today.

That Kind Of Day

Posted 2012.02.14 20.12 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It was a pokey proddy jabby sort of day today.

The kind where nurses and medical things are involved.

The kind of a day where the nurse decides that the problem can be solved by using a bigger needle.


Bigger needles.

That’s the kind of day it was.

World Photography Day

Posted 2011.08.19 7.59 in Photography by Stephanie

Happy World Photography Day everyone!

I’ve never heard of it before but apparently it exists and it’s a thing.

World Photography Day


Absurdity Day

Posted 2010.11.21 0.50 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Happy Absurdity Day… apparently.

November 20th is international absurdity day. Now you know.

Naming Names

Posted 2010.11.11 10.30 in Spiritual by Stephanie

Alan Arnett McLeod

Born in 1900 in Manitoba, at age 17 he enlisted to serve Canada in fighting the Great War. He became a pilot, and was shipped over to France. Flying a biplane, he was the pilot and with him was his ‘observer’ who sat behind him and had a machine gun.

In May of 1918, while they were flying at about 5000 feet, they were attacked by eight German triplanes. The enemy came from all angles, but Lt. McLeod was able to maneover his plane around so his observer could keep shooting back, and they managed to shoot down three of the eight enemy planes. By this time, McLeod had been shot 5 times by the German machine guns. Then a bullet hit his gas tank, which was kept just under the upper wing, right infront of where he was sitting. The leaking petrol caught fire, engulfing the front of the plane. Remember, this is a biplane made of wood and paper and fabric. Struck five times by machine-gun fire, and now his cockpit in flames all about him.

So Lt. McLeod climbed out onto the wing of his plane, and stood on the wing while keeping an arm in the cockpit so he could fly while hanging on outside. He did a slideslip manoever to keep the flames to the opposite side of the plane as he flew. His observer was able to continue shooting at the attacking Germans. McLeod was able to bring his plane down in a ‘controlled crash’, but they crashed in no-mans-land right at the front, and immediately came under heavy machine-gun fire from the German lines. By this point, the observer had received six bullet wounds. McLeod, despite his wounds, pulled his observer from the burning plane then started to pull the man away from the enemy lines. McLeod was wounded a 6th time by a German bomb, but he continued the rescue till he had gotten his crewman to the safety of the friendly lines.

Shot 5 times, standing on the wing of his burning plane, crashing, getting hit by a bomb, and through it all still risking his life to save his observer, while under machine-gun fire and with bombs falling about him. All this, and he was just an 18-year old kid.

For this action, he was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military honour in the British Empire / Commonwealth.

Lt. McLeod was eventually shipped back to Canada and in December, 1918, he died in a Winnipeg hospital, at age 19. There are conflicting reports, some say he died of his injuries, others that he died of influenza. It may have been both – he was probably still recovering from his wounds when the influenza struck.

I’m not related in any way to Alan McLeod. I knew nothing about him till I came across a painting in a flying museum which depicted him standing on the wing of his plane whilst manoevering, as his observer continued firing at the enemy planes.

Rememberance Day is not just a time to remember the big concepts. Individuals like Lt. McLeod, and countless others who gave everything they had in the service of our country, all deserve to be remembered.

Still Here

Posted 2010.07.05 9.16 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Well Canada Day came and went, as did the I’m-not-working-today-Friday, and then the weekend. Four-day weekends are nice. Very nice. Too nice. I could get used to that. No, I am used to that.

A huge thank-you to my friends and family who came to visit on Canada Day, and who helped out with so much stuff and in so many ways. I get to feeling like everyone else does all the work, all I do is provide a venue and a few snacks and things while everyone else makes it happen. Makes me feel guilty. Next year, either I wanna be healthy and energetic enough to actually throw the party, or I don’t want to do it at all.

Speaking of health… I ran out of cryptospam on Canada Day and took till yesterday to get my new perscription filled. I still haven’t taken it though, so going on four days since suddenly not having the anti-depressants in me.

At first it felt ok, there was a little boost of energy and my mood wasn’t too bad. Then the dizziness started, and the mood-swings, and now I’m just feeling listless and cruddy. Though I’m also at work, which may play a small part in that.

Sigh. I guess I’d better start taking it again, just in case.

Still no progress on the ‘Darkest Post’ stuff, just procrastination and denial.