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Surrendering to Apple

Posted 2009.08.21 5.57 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Music/Movies/TV by Stephanie

I’ve conceeded defeat. Apple beat me. I knuckled under and ordered an Apple TV. In spite of my best efforts, Apple is becoming the digital hub of my digital life. Music, photos, movies, tv… all that’s left really is an Apple-branded coffee maker withwifi and bluetooth, so I can summon up a coffee from my iPhone before I get out of bed.

Anyhow, this all goes back to a rant last week about not being able to watch a downloaded movie on my television. The cheapest solution would have been to simply go out and buy the damn movie on DVD, but I resented that since I’d already bought it on iTunes. Mind you, I also resented that my iPhone wasn’t compatible with my Apple dock + Apple AV cable combination. And I resented that getting new compatible cables would cost a wad more money. Then I resented that the cables were so expensive that it almost made more sense just to get an Apple TV.

Apple TV

Naturally, of all those resentments, buying the DVD was the one that burned me most. I mean, DVDs are so 1999. That’s 10-year old technology. Why invest in that? (Yes I’m being facetious.)

Actually what’s happened is the whole Apple TV thing has been rolling around the back of my mind, till suddenly I realized what else could be done with it, other ways to use it. They all sounded awesome in my mind yesterday when I ordered it, but now that I’m writing about it, I realize that maybe nobody else will see the importance like I do…

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Fading Film

Posted 2009.08.14 7.38 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with my new digital SLR camera. So much in fact, that I decided to get out my old 35mm SLR and take some more shots with it, just to compare. Even after about 7 or 8 years in storage, the camera still works fine. It’s a (roughly) 20 or 25 year old Minolta X370 — almost completely manual. The only thing it can do automatically is if you focus and set the aperture, you can have the camera work out its own shutter speed. Other than that, it’s manual all the way.

Anyhow, I tested it out and the metering and shutter etc. all seemed to work. All I needed was to get some film, so I headed on over to Costco – they always had the best deals, like 5 or 10 rolls for some low low price. Their photo processing’s the best deal as well, actually it’s about the only thing I bought there for a while. So I went in, and started looking around…Minolta X370

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What Do You Mean?

Posted 2009.04.12 11.15 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

What do you mean, the Warranty doesn’t cover this sort of thing?!


Went to buy Staples…

Posted 2009.03.24 10.51 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Photography by Stephanie

…and got me a new digital camera too!  Nothing too fancy – yeah I’ve been tempted by a digital SLR with interchangable lenses and all, but they’re so expensive and I so can’t justify that.  But the Staples had some 9MP cameras on their close-out table, and for $90 it was a pretty good score I think.  My prior digital camera (an HP) was starting to fail.  It used proprietary battery packs which were not keeping a charge any more and cost a ton to replace.  This one takes AAs so I can use rechargables or in a pinch, any old Alkelines.  

My iMac with dual heads, and my clutter.

My iMac with dual heads, and my clutter.

This new one is a Kodak “EasyShare C913”, relatively small size, good-size screen.  No optical viewfinder, which I used to insist on but have been using less and less lately.  I don’t know yet how good the lens is (I’m guessing, ‘not very’) but for just snaps here and there, for web pics, it should be acceptable.

If I do decide to get back into photography then at that point I’ll look into a serious DLSR.  For now, a cheapie from the close-out table is good enough.  (Seems to me that I got the HP on closeout too.)

Oh yeah, and I remembered to buy the staples!  Nothing like picking up a $4 box of office supplies and ending up with a $90 toy at the same time. 🙂