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Coffee != Werthers Original

Posted 2012.06.26 23.59 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

When it comes to coffee, I have pretty simple tastes. I’m happy with instant coffee, but only one kind. I like Nescafé Columbian. Glass jar, blue label. That’s it. All the other instant coffees just don’t do it for me. Other instant coffees… something about them smells off.

Anyhow, for the last 2 weeks, my grocery store has been out. It’s been on sale, and the whole time it’s been on sale, they haven’t had any. It wasn’t so much about not getting it on sale, it was about not having any coffee!

So in desperation, I took the next nearest one – Nescafé French Vanilla. Glass jar, purple label. I’m not so much into vanilla, but what caught my eye was that it said Rich on the label. I like rich coffee. So this morning, I try it out.

One heaping scoop of the instant coffee powder. Two pouches of sweetener. Boiling water. A big pour of light cream.

It’s a good start – it doesn’t smell bad, though it doesn’t smell like my coffee.

It doesn’t taste like coffee, but it doesn’t taste horrible.

It tastes like something familiar.

I’ve had this before.

I know this taste.

What is it?

Oh Gods – it’s Werther’s Original hard candy!

I don’t want a big hot cup of werther’s original in the morning.

I just want coffee.


Tomorrow I will try a different grocery store.

Disappointing Weekend

Posted 2012.03.04 22.32 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

You know it hasn’t been a great weekend when you’re wishing Monday morning would just hurry up and get here already!

Dingoo A330

Posted 2010.05.31 20.26 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

It’s the new release from Dingoo Technologies. I got one to satisfy my curiosity, but sadly it disappoints on many levels.

Dingoo A330

I made up a new version of Dingux that takes advantage of the added memory and faster clock speed. To do that, I needed to get a serial port in there for testing. Unlike the A320, the 330 seems to just have half a port; TX but no RX. So you can get debug data out, but you can’t interact with it. Sucky.

Probing for the RX Line

The TX data is found on a single unmarked testpoint that lies beneath the LCD screen, in the upper middle part of the motherboard. In hopes of finding the RX line, I did some probing to the copper traces around the CPU in the area of the TX line, but neither of my two most-promising candidates proved to be RX data. It is probably not connected at all. More sucky.

A330 Motherboard

I stuck the serial port on the left-hand side of the Dingoo, above the reset button. It was the only clear spot on the motherboard, but it turns out the left speaker wants to sit there, and the serial port keeps failing on me – I have to take it apart and fiddle with it to get it working again. The A330 disappoints on many levels.