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Posted 2018.03.16 15.30 in DID, Uncategorized by Violet

It’s been 4 months now since Stephanie went away. At this point, it’s pretty much a given that she won’t be coming back.

So what happened to her? Where is she?

Read on for the answer, without any euphamisms, jokes, or metaphors.

[TL;DR: Steph had a ‘breakdown’ in November 2017, and recovery is going to take a long time. Also, legal name change in April 2018, now known as Violet.]

[CW: Mental Health issues]

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Reality Deficit Disorder

Posted 2010.02.10 9.46 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Because it’s politically incorrect to say Nucking Futters any more.

Sleeping In

Posted 2009.10.21 10.29 in Pointless Blather, Work by Stephanie

So far this week I’m three-for-three on sleeping in. This is unusual for me, between all my various sleep disorders. Don’t worry though – despite the extra sleep I’m still waking up exhausted, so it’s not like I’m feeling better for it.

It’s just odd, normally I wake up when the alarm starts, and then lay there for a while trying to muster the energy to get up. So far this week, I’ve woken in the wee hours, like 4am or 5am, gone back to sleep, then not roused again till 8-ish.

My alarm goes off at 6:30 and, if left untouched, will continue to go for a full 60 minutes. At which point it gives up and goes quiet. I know the alarm is working, I’ve checked and verified it’s set, armed, loaded, and so forth. I’m confident it is going off as usual, but I’m just sleeping through it.

I wonder though, why I’m suddenly and consistently sleeping in?

  • Perhaps the changing seasons – it is definately harder to get up in the morning when it’s dark out, and I’ve noticed that by 8-ish when I wake, it is at least a little bit light out.
  • Perhaps the effort of healing my jaw from the tooth-pullage and infection, is leaving me more-weary than usual.
  • Perhaps it is the drugs – although I’ve stopped taking the heavy stuff – maybe the anti-biotics and ibuprofen are reacting to make me extra sleepy.
  • Or maybe it is some combination of all of the above?

Whatever it is, I’m not exactly complaining… but it doesn’t look good when I’m late for work 3 days in a row. Although ‘late for work’ is a relative term… with no fixed or set time for work to start, it’s not technically possible to be ‘late’. I suppose 9:00am is the generally accepted time for the start-of-work… still, when you’re self-employed, it’s fairly easy to declare a flex-time policy is suddenly in effect.

Or what do they call those days at school, where it’s a late-start or early-dismissal? It’s not a full-fledged PA day, but the students either get to sleep in, or get to leave early, so the teachers can do some official business…

Anyhow, whatever. Sleeping-in. It’s not a bad thing.