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Twitching Heebie Jeebies

Posted 2009.09.23 12.38 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Take one part forgot-to-take-my-cryptospam and mix with three parts very-large-very-strong-coffee and you get twitching skin crawling hot-and-cold-sweats heebie jeebies.

Also, dizzy spells and a nonstop musclespasm in the tiny muscles around the right eye.

I don’t know if I look it, but it makes me feel completely batshit crazy.

And my eyeballs are itchy. I hate itchy eyeballs.  Hate them!


A Week of Crypto-Spam

Posted 2008.12.11 1.00 in Life On Drugs by Stephanie

It’s been a full week now of cryptospam and I think the side-defects are starting to fade. Already it’s nearing noon and I don’t feel completely freaked out/jumpy/edgy/gritty. I don’t feel great either, but at least it has stopped feeling like the tail-end of an acid trip.

Still having trouble concentrating/focusing though, my productivity this week has been really low. Easily distracted too. And, as always, very, very tired.


Posted 2008.12.05 1.00 in Life On Drugs by Stephanie

Gritty is how I feel now. A bit nervous, a bit edgy, a bit fidgety, and gritty. Also, my fingers are cold.

And I have made up a jingle for cryptospam and it’s stuck in my head. Sing it to the “Mr. Plow” tune from the Simpsons:

Crypto-Spam can change your brain,
So change your brain, with Crypto-Spam!

Ok the jingle isn’t gritty, but everything else is.

Gritty at work
It doesn’t look like this, but it feels like this.