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EeeTop – Part C

Posted 2009.05.28 16.03 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So, I got the graphics working right by using Ubuntu 9.04. I had increased the RAM and hard drive, and was looking to install Bluetooth. By now I’m getting bored of this story, so I’ll try and make this short.

I was thinking about tapping into one of the two unused ports on the GL850 USB hub chip. This is a 48-pin LQFP package, with 12 pins per side, and a pin-spacing of 1/2mm from pin to pin, with a gap of 1/5mm between pins. I have soldered directly to chips with pin-spacing this tight before, but it’s very, very difficult. And in this case, the risk of failure is losing the webcam, the SD card reader, and possibly wrecking the whole motherboard.

So I mulled it over for 2 days before it hit me – instead of tapping one of the unused ports on the GL850, just grab one of the existing USB ports. With 6 ports, there’s no way I’d use them all, or even half of them. I could just tap one and wire it internally rather than externally!

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EeeTop Computer – Part 2

Posted 2009.05.26 17.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

So I had my new EeeTop up and running with my Debian “Lenny” version of Linux, and things were working well, except for getting a graphical screen driver. Every time I tried going into the GUI the screen just went blank. 🙁 I hit Google and the forums, and quickly found the first solution…

It seems that the chipset, or the way it was hooked up, was just new & different enough to befuddle the intel drivers for X. 

I found a post at the Eee User forums which not only told me how to get the screen to work in X, but also contained detailed instructions on getting the touchscreen to work too! This wiki page had all the answers!

So far, so good! I could get a nice GUI running, and the touchscreen was working well. All was good… for a while.

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