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Linux Kernel for Eeepc 1008HA

Posted 2009.08.07 7.33 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I had a request this morning for my linux kernel that I’m using on my Eeepc 1008HA. This is a sub-notebook (aka “netbook”) computer by Asus, it’s very thin and light, though it sports a 10″ screen and a good-sized keyboard.

So on with the kernel info. I’ve been running a custom-built kernel since before I got the 1008; I have been rolling my own eeepc-specific kernel for over a year now, first for my 8G then the 1000, and now the 1008. As of this writing, the kernel version is Essentially I’m downloading the generic “vanilla” kernel from and then applying my own config to it. The config is tweaked to include specifically what I personally want / need, and omits everything else. So fair warning: If you need a kernel that knows about nfs or ntfs or fatfs etc, this kernel won’t work ‘out of the box’ for you. Mucking around with the kernel is not something for total noobs to do, because it’s very easy to end up with a computer that doesn’t boot any more.

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Fun With Computers: EeeTop Part I

Posted 2009.05.19 17.08 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I recently bought myself an Asus EeeTop computer – a not-so-new addition to Asus’ “eee” family. The Eee family began with the original EeePc (a 7″ sub-laptop) and has expanded to include a couple dozen variations of the sub-laptop, an “EeeBox” desktop, and now this EeeTop computer. I’ve heard that Asus is even planning to spin out an Eee division, so as to capitalize on the (virtually unheard-of) Eee brand name, without confusing people with the (almost unheard-of outside computer techy circles) Asus brand name.

But I digress.

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