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More Snail Eggs!

Posted 2009.11.07 8.48 in Aquaria by Stephanie

This morning when I woke up, I had a big surprise – not only were there more snail eggs, but the snail laying them was caught in the act!

Shelly laying eggs

And further to my surprise, it wasn’t Big Blue – it was Shelly!

Up to this moment I didn’t even know for sure if Shelly was male or female.

Now I need to figure out what I’m going to do with all these eggs… some snail babies would be nice, but 100’s and 100’s would be too much.

Eggs! Snail Eggs! Yay!

Posted 2009.11.01 12.11 in Aquaria by Stephanie
Snail Eggs!

Snail Eggs!

This morning I had a surprise discovery! Snail Eggs!

Now that’s a happy hallowe’en treat!

I’ve been watching and waiting for eggs since early August, but my snailies have been leaving me frustrated. Till now!


They’re squeezed into a super-awkward spot behind one of the filters – the snail must have shoved the filter out of the way a bit just to get in there. It’s a crummy picture because of the wierd angle I needed to twist into, to get the shot.

Now – will they hatch? How many will hatch? Too many? Not enough? Any?

It’s a new and improved kind of waiting and wondering.

Climbing Waterfalls

Posted 2009.10.25 14.54 in Aquaria by Stephanie

My big blue snail still hasn’t laid any eggs, but she continues to climb up out of the water on a regular basis as if looking for a place to lay.

Lately she’s taken to climbing up the filters, making like a salmon going upstream to spawn.

Looking in the Filter

It’s kind of funny but also a bit sad, I don’t know why she doesn’t just pick a dry spot on the glass and get to it.

I worry that she’s just going to wear herself out and never lay anything at all.

Still No Eggs!

Posted 2009.08.27 15.22 in Aquaria by Stephanie

My big blue snail has started sneaking up out of the water again – but still she isn’t laying eggs.

Leaving the Water

Here she is just starting to climb out of the water, but she foolishly chose to climb the filter. So an inch above the water she finds… more water!

From here, she went on to check out the tank above the water-line a few more times, but appearantly she is very picky and nothing has satisfied her yet. Below, you can see the problem fully illustrated:

No Eggs!

Counting the Eggs before They’re Laid

Posted 2009.08.11 13.36 in Aquaria by Stephanie

I think my big blue snail is loaded with eggs! The past two nights, after dark she has hauled herself up out of the water and has been searching around the top of the aquarium. In my limited experience, they just don’t do that for the heck of it – full size apple snails aren’t exactly graceful out of the water. I imagine for them, it’s like lugging around 300 or 400 pounds of scuba equipment – managable and easy underwater, but ungainly and massive in the air. So for her to climb straight up out of the water, and another 3 inches or so to the top, then search all around, she must have some serious business to attend to.

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More Songs About Food

Posted 2009.03.23 10.15 in Music/Movies/TV by Stephanie

Personally, I’ll never look at scrambled eggs the same way again…

Wiggle Jiggle... Yellow Middle!

Wiggle Jiggle... Yellow Middle!

See the Egg Song here!