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Happy February Holiday Day

Posted 2012.02.20 9.26 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Happy February Holiday Day everyone!

Yes it’s the first long-weekend of 2012.

Unfortunately I’m writing this post at work, because my boss is a real b*tch and made me come in today.

It’s a real outrage I tell you, having to come to the office and work, on this most-holy of holiest of February days.

You know, February Provincial Holiday Day has been celebrated here for countless generations, dating all the way back to the year 2008.

Another little-known fact of February Provincial Non-Statutory Holiday Day is that the very first one was spontaneously celebrated when everyone just collectively decided:

F*ck it, it’s too damn cold out to go to work.

Yes, over the years February Provincial Non-Statutory Phoney-Baloney Holiday Day has had a long and storied history. For instance, in 2009 many people chose to celebrate by forgetting there was a long weekend in February and going to work anyways, only to discover the doors were locked.

And who can forget the fabulous 2010 festivities, where everyone we knew celebrated by sleeping in then making pancakes or waffles for brunch? Or 2011, when… when… ok well forget 2011, it must have been so great that we can’t even remember the awesomeness!

So for all of you out there celebrating 2012’s February Provincial Non-Statutory Make-Believe Phoney-Baloney Holiday Day, please make it the absolute best February Provincial Non-Statutory Make-Believe Phoney-Baloney Long-Weekend Holiday Day ever!

And maybe enjoy an extra waffle, for those of us who were forced to come to work today.

Planet Stephanie Facts and Figures

Posted 2009.04.19 9.29 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Over the years, a number(*) of people have asked what it’s like to live on Planet Stephanie; how big the planet is, where it is, and so forth. Basically, what are the details, the facts and figures, of this world I live on.

Read on, for the full story.

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