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WebAdmin Fail

Posted 2014.04.20 9.03 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

So I’ve just figured out that for the past…several weeks at least, the web server that hosts all my stuff (,, has not been able to talk to the email server that sends out things like… registration emails etc.

The two had a spat or something, and just weren’t talking to each other.

I’d noticed that there seemed to be a lot fewer admin emails coming through lately, but I’ve been so busy that it didn’t really sink in.

Anyhow, today I noticed that there’ve been a number of new sign-ups for the Wicca Plus forums, except nobody had completed the registration. So I started digging and…

OMG do I feel like the fool. So people have been trying to register, they go through the sign-up process, but they never receive the registration email.

I haven’t seen any other contact though, nobody’s left a comment on the support page or emailed me directly about it… but it feels pretty dumb I mean I’ve been wondering why there’s been so little activity on the forum, trying to push it a bit… only now to find out that it’s not working right.


So anyhow, it seems to be fixed now.

If you have tried to register on the forum and never got your registration email, I sincerely apologize. You can get the system to re-send the registration email by logging in with the user id and password you registered under, then on the User CP page, you will see a link to re-send your registration email.

If you don’t see that link, you might already be fully registered – I have looked through the sign-ups and have authorized the ones that appear genuine.

Once again, I apologize for the mix-up.

Sad Mac


Posted 2009.05.08 19.37 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I lost a few days worth of posts… I think from Wednesday through Friday. My wonderful missive about the connection between aches, pains, and weather… all that eloquent prose, gone forever.

This morning was server maintenance day; I was migrating the web server to a brand new box with loads of memory, faster processor, bigger faster hard drive.. I had done a dry-run on Tuesday and everything worked, so it was supposed to be a snap this morning.  The new box was all ready to go, everything ready, all I had to do was do a fresh dupe of the databases from the old box to the new one. 

Dang blast drat buggely hell and bat doots!

I was tired and achy and the coffee hadn’t kicked in, and when I mounted the drives I got the assignments backwards and copied the new drive contents backwards onto the old drive, instead of vice versa. Effectively erasing the last few days.  Thank the gods that I at least had the tuesday files from the dry run. I’m usually way more careful about this sort of thing, I guess I’ve gotten a little cavalier since these upgrades / migrations have been so smooth the last few years. 


Anyways, what’s done is done and 2 hours’ work on a Saturday morning is teh suxorz so I’m calling it quits.  Have a good weekend.

Edited to add:  Hooray for Google page cache!  I was able to find a cache of the post from the 7th and bring it back to life.  Yay google! 🙂