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Road to Meaford

Posted 2012.07.21 19.08 in Family/Friends, Photography by Stephanie

This past week I took a day off for a little road trip with my sister. Just tooling around for the sake of seeing something new. There’s a website that has some day-trip routes that sound interesting and we opted for the old route to Meaford trip.

It was an excuse to take a day off work, see some parts of Ontario that we hadn’t seen before, and take some pictures.

I was also putting the exposure value function of my Integrated Sensors Electronic Bracer to a practical test, using it to determine the settings on my camera. For this outing, I selected my Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2, a lovely old folder from the late 1930’s. It is completely manual everything, and takes eight 6×9 frames on 120 rollfilm.

The forecast was for a bright sunny day, but I selected ISO400 film just incase – experience has taught me that it’s better to over-expose than under-expose. Colour negative film nowadays can usually handle up to 3 stops of over-exposure anyways.

All three rolls of film were processed at home at room temperature in my stale C-41 chemistry (20 minutes at 76°F) then scanned on my flatbed Epson. A few of them did come out over-exposed but I was able to scan them without too much grain / noise.

Cavalcade of Fail

Posted 2011.09.13 21.25 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

This past weekend I was excited to get out of the house and take some more snapshots with my ‘new’ Hawk-Eye box camera. For good measure I also brought along my Minolta Autopak 700 rangefinder.

It was a super-bright sunny day, one of those bright-blue-sky-hard-shadows days, that mean sunny-16, aka EV+15 for the camera exposure. So my Hawk-Eye was loaded with some ISO 100 film which I figured could handle being overexposed and would also be ok if there were some clouds later.

I picked up my sister and we set out to visit a small waterfall that we’d read about. It was supposed to be an all-but-unknown yet very easily-accessable site.

Trail, Trees, Falls

When we arrived, we discovered that the trail was not long but it was a little difficult, and involved some hiking through the woods, and some slightly steep ups and downs. I was completely unprepared of course, wearing simple sandals — I had not even thought to bring my safety hiking sandals with the good treads and the ankle support. Also, someone else forgot to invent them.

Still, after the anticipation and the drive and all, we pressed on. And of course, I managed to trip and send myself flying. I remember as I started going over, very briefly thinking “Oh shit! The cameras!” but there was no chance to do anything about it.

I had been carrying 80-year-old Hawk-Eye in my hand, while the Minolta was around my neck on a strap. Then the Hawk-Eye was off doing some travelling of its own: first completely airborne, but then hitting the ground, it started rolling end over end a little ways down the path. The Minolta meanwhile, tethered around my neck, just swung outwards and met the hard ground face-first, a split second before I did nearly the same thing.

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