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Posted 2012.07.09 11.12 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

100 Degrees in the Shade

Posted 2011.07.21 10.52 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It’s a hot one today! It’s days like this that we’ll remember fondly next February, when it’s -40 and the petrol in our cars has frozen solid.

Looking at the forecast, apart from the temperature, what struck me was today’s UV Index. It’s a Ten!¬†For some reason, I thought the scale only went up to nine.

The whole UV Index thing still feels odd to me. As I mentioned in a recent photo comment, I can remember when we had a nice cozy ozone layer to protect us all. Life was good in those days. There was no UV Index, and we weren’t taught to fear the sun.

Anyways, seeing the Ten today, I had to go and look this up. Sure enough, the UV Index has only been around for a little while – it was invented in 1992. Invented here in Canada, in fact! Good old Environment Canada, leading the way.

Anyhow, if you’re going outside today, remember to buckle-up, wear your safety-suit, goggles, face-shield, helmet, and gloves. And don’t forget to have fun!


Monday Update

Posted 2009.10.19 9.42 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Well, I survived the weekend. First, I found a combination of drugs that got the pain down to managable levels, and as a side-bonus it was pretty good at knocking me out so I could get some sleep. Two Tylenol-3 pills and three Robax Platinum pills seemed to do the trick. I didn’t take them all at the same time, but with about an hour in between the first two and the last three. The combination of acetominophen, caffein, codein, ibuprofen, and muscle relaxant seemed to do the trick.

Then Saturday I saw the dentist. It was a freaky and stressful situation. I’m not scared of dentists, I’m scared of dentistry, and even then, I’m only scared of it when it is going on in my mouth. It doesn’t phase me that other people get dental work done. And dentists themselves aren’t frightening, when you meet them on the street or whatever. It’s only when they’ve got both hands in your mouth, half a pound of stainless steel in your mouth, pipes and tubes and sharp pokey things… well you get the picture.

So the tooth that had betrayed me and was causing all this pain was ultimately removed. In accordance with Canadian biohazard & medical waste processes, the tooth will be ground to a fine powder and sprinkled over a crossroads under the next full moon, by the seventh son of a seventh son.

The seething unbearable pain is now reduced to a much milder, bearable level (and hopefully that too will fade to nothing in the near future.) I still have to take the antibiotics though, and they’re giving me grumblies in my tumblie. However, I am proud of myself for the fact that I did go and see a dentist, that I was able to make rational decisions while I was there, and followed through with things. If you’re a normal person then this may not seem like much, but if you have any kind of dental phobia, you’ll understand this was an achievement.

I’m fairly certain that other things went on during the weekend but can’t really remember anything specific at the moment. That could be a result of the various cocktails of drugs in my system. I know my desk looks like a little pharmacy, with all the pill bottles. I did take some photos yesterday but haven’t had a chance to review them, if there are any decent ones I’ll post them up tonight.

Darkness and Pain

Posted 2009.10.15 9.33 in DID, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It’s not what you think.

First off, I’m still rebelling against autumn. Well not rebelling, I guess you can’t really stop the seasons. Maybe moving to the opposite hemisphere would be a way to rebel. I’m just upset about it. This morning, I stayed in bed an extra half hour after the alarm went off and it was still dark when I got up. It feels like getting up at midnight. I can’t get up in the dark. Sure I wake up all the time, but getting up… that’s another matter entirely.

Then there’s the pain. I think that when you’re in pain, it tires you out. Like you have a certain amount of energy for the day, and if you’re in pain then some of that energy is going to into dealing with the pain. And I’m running on diminished capacity anyways, so having something else nibbling away at my reserves is just unfair.

The thing is, I have a toothache. It’s kind of a dull constant throbbing thing. I know any normal person would go and see a dentist, but… I learned at a very early age that dentists are Evil. You think I’m just kidding around. The dentist I saw as a child, was so nasty that his own family saw other dentists. This man scarred me for life, seriously.

My earliest dental memories involve him striking me across the face because I was frightened and wouldn’t open my mouth, then when he did get it open he wedged some kind of stainless steel device in there that had a little crank and it expanded to force my mouth open and keep it that way. I saw a similar device on the Discovery Channel recently, on their Machines of Malice series.

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Eddys In The Stream

Posted 2008.08.11 0.00 in DID, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I’m confused and I’m lost, I don’t know who I am
It’s dark I can’t see, only shadows and whispers
Running scared through the darkness
Searching and trying, not finding my way
The whispers are shouting, I can’t hear them
I won’t, they confuse and distract
Now I’m falling, I’m scared, I’m still falling
Through blackness can’t see, there is nothing familliar
I clutch and I grab things, nothing helps
Nothing stops me, so dark I don’t know
How far have I fallen, what lies beneath me
How far down does it go, when will it end
It is not a dream.