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A New Day

Posted 2010.01.27 17.54 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I’m not over the “flu” yet, but I’m feeling much better. Even parts of me that were feeling unwell before the “flu” are feeling better now.

I feel like the ‘big purge’ that was the first twenty-four hours of “flu” was actually my body expelling negative energies. Once all the negative energies were gone, I just had to recover from the effort and trauma of getting rid of them.

Now I find myself smiling and joking, focusing on my work, singing a bit, and generally feeling good — feeling positive, almost. Granted, I also continue to talk to myself, argue with myself, and hear a nonstop whistling noise everywhere I go.

There’s still dizziness and all the aches and pains I aquired over the weekend when I was “sick”, but then other, chronic aches and pains seem to be going away.

I’ve even found that some of my temptations and indulgences no longer interest me.

Don’t know if this is permanent or how long it might last, but I hope it lasts a good long while.

It feels like a whole new day.