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FelesMagus iPhone Software

Posted 2009.07.27 10.06 in iPhone by Stephanie

I’ve been quiet for some time on this subject and I owe an explanation as to the status of my iPhone application development.

My two iPhone apps, Liber Umbrarum et Lux and PassGenR have both been available on the iTunes App Store for a few months. Both are free. Over the few months I’ve received a couple suggestions on how to improve them, and a lot of requests to make them available to a wider range of hardware.

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Consolidation Part 2

Posted 2009.07.25 8.16 in Computers/Internet/Technology, iPhone by Stephanie

Recently I folded my Artwork website into my blog/CMS/site here. After some contemplation and thinking it over, I’ve decided to also fold my iPhone Software site into here as well.

There are a few reasons for doing this.

Primarily, it is to get everything into one place with regards to administration and site management. Certainly it’s easier to manage when all the related pages are under one roof so to speak.

Second, is the fact that having everything running under the same CMS / site provides a consistant look / feel / style to all the related content. In other words, instead of each separate site / sub-site having a different style and set-up, they all now share a common appearance, common menu navigation, and common search setup.

Finally, it makes things easier in the sense of not having to remember / maintain a bunch of different domains or sub-directories. The various domains can continue to exist but redirect to the new location under the primary domain, which makes overall navigation and cross-promotion within my various interests much easier, for readers and for myself.

Liber Umbrarum Available!

Posted 2009.04.30 20.07 in iPhone by Stephanie

Well I don’t know when it happened because I never received a notice from Apple, but Liber Umbrarum et Lux was released and is available for download – in time for Bealtine too!

It might have been yesterday or today, but whenever it was, here’s the link where you can grab it: Liber Umbrarum et Lux at the App Store

It is, of course, free – so enjoy!


Liber Umbrarum Delayed :(

Posted 2009.04.22 19.37 in iPhone by Stephanie


I heard back from Apple today, that Liber Umbrarum is delayed. I was inconsistent with the naming, and appearantly that’s a no-no. The full name of course is Liber Umbrarum et Lux, but frequently I just say Liber Umbrarum, and then of course on the iPhone there’s only enough space on the home screens to show “Liber…et Lux” so I had changed it to read “Wiccan Bible” which was about the only thing I could think of that would fit on their screen – literally you only have about 12 characters which is a PITA. How many tens of thousands of apps are there, and you can only used 12 characters to name each one?

Anyhow, they said I have to make all the various name references match. So I’ve done that and hopefully it’ll get through the approval process this time. I’m still hoping for an April 30th release date.


PassGenR Version 1.01 Now Available

Posted 2009.04.22 9.35 in iPhone by Stephanie

PassGenR version 1.01 is now available at the iTunes App Store. This update fixes a crash bug that manifested on the iPhone (but not the iPod Touch).

The update, like the app itself, is free of course.


Working on PassGenR 1.1

Posted 2009.04.18 8.10 in iPhone by Stephanie

With Liber Umbrarum now in the Apple approval process, I’ve decided to return my attention to PassGenR for a bit and prepare an upgrade for it.

I have some new features / improvements in mind already, but if anyone has suggestions I’d love to hear them.

No ETA at the moment of when 1.1 will be released, this is just to announce that I’m beginning to work on the update.


Bugs… :/

Posted 2009.04.14 20.31 in iPhone by Stephanie

I discovered a bug in PassGenR today. 🙁

It’s an odd one – it did not exist in the iPod Touch, but it does occur on the iPhone. Both are running the same version too — 2.2.1 (the latest version).

It does prove the point that you really need more than one device to test on; ideally I guess someone would have both a 1st and 2nd generation iPod Touch, and a 1st and 2nd generation along with a 3G iPhone.

Then of course you’ll want to test on every available firmware version… sheesh. No wonder professional development is so costly.

Anyways, I was able to find and fix the problem in under an hour, and have sent the new binary to Apple for their approval process. Look for PassGenR 1.01 on the App Store sometime soon.