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The Elusive Humming-Both

Posted 2013.08.03 19.41 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It has the head of a butterfly! The wings of a moth! The torso of a humming-bird. The tail of a lobster! It flies like a humming-bird or bee – forward, back, left, right, up, down. It’s an inch and a half long!

It’s the Humming-Both!


Or it’s something else, but it’s big and wierd and I’ve never seen one of these before.

Mysterious maurading chitinous chimera flies over flowers, pilfering pollen and nabbing nectar!

Pictures of Things

Posted 2009.08.23 13.53 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

Another Sunday, some more photos. I decided to switch things up a bit today, I wanted to take pictures of things, man-made things, rather than landscapes. Further, I wanted to take photos of old things, and I decided to be all faux-moody and use a monochrome filter. As with previous expeditions, all photos were taken with my trusty 30mm f/1.4 lens.

My first stop took me to the Great War Flying Museum, which is housed in a small hangar and adjoining building at the Brampton Flying Club. The museum is an interesting spot which we’re fortunate to have here in Brampton. They have a number of flying planes from WWI in the hangar, and some very interesting stuff in the museum. Unfortunately the planes were bunched up close together making photos difficult, and all the really keen stuff in the museum was behind glass which further hampered my efforts. Still, it was a fascinating place and I have a very nice chat with two of the volunteers there, Richard and his wife.

From the Flying Museum, I went northwest to the Cheltenham Brick Works, a semi-abandoned set of buildings that had been in operation up until the 1950’s. This proved another photographic disappointment as the really interesting stuff is all kept safely out of public reach via chain-link and barbed wire.

Finally I visited the old abandoned Peel Memorial Hospital. In many ways, an abandoned run-down hospital is rather sad. Particularily when it’s the nearest hospital to my home, and I visited it as a patient as recently as 4 years ago… surprising how fast things fall apart when left alone.

Introducing the Aero-Putter

Posted 2007.06.10 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

The Aero-Putter is a two-seater flying machine. Lift is provided by burning of kerosene oil, to heat air trapped in two parchment lift-sacks held to either side of the contraption. Propulsion occurs by means of an aft-mounted four-bladed propeller. The actual engine of the Aero-Putter is driven by a powerful clockwork motor which is sealed beneath the seats. The motor utilizes breakthrough technology of our new patented perma-spring, which never needs rewinding. Each Aero-Putter motor is fully pre-wound at the manufactory.

The Aero-Putter was designed to be a small and whimsical two-person vehicle, ideal for casual touring around. It was not designed for tearing up the skies at 100 miles an hour.

TW and Atashi in an Aero-Putter