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Frustrations with Fonts

Posted 2006.07.16 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

So I go to do up some stuff with some fonts that I used to use a long time ago, and now I can’t find them.

Ok, granted, I’ve updated my system a few times since I last used the fonts – both hardware and OS have been changed. But still, I’ve kept my /home folder intact, all my other documents ok. And hey, some of the fonts I was using, were system fonts. They came with the OS.

So why would they bundle some fonts with the OS up to a certain point then just drop them? The fonts were there in OS 9, in X.1, even in X.2 I’m told. But they’re not in X.3 or X.4. Usually, I’m a big Apple fan, but this time they just frustrated me.

Fortunately I still have a backup I made when I was on OS 9, and one of the fonts I wanted was in there. The others I was looking for, were very much not system fonts, but I knew where to find them.

Then, FontBook tells me that they have an error in them and shouldn’t be used. But there’s no way to fix the error! Frustration! In the end, I overrode FontBook and I’m using the fonts anyways, throwing caution to the wind. Craziness!

You can see the results of my fonty endeavors though, in the title at the top of the screen, or this banner below.

Banner with three fancy fonts exampled on it.