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This is Unacceptable!

Posted 2009.03.25 8.10 in Cats, Photography by Stephanie

Misha finds the current situation to be Unacceptable!

Misha finds the current situation to be Unacceptable!

A New Superhero!

Posted 2009.03.22 10.43 in Music/Movies/TV by Stephanie

He is here to save us from…inferior sauces? Yes. And they call him… Kikko-Man.

Kikko-Man - here to save us from inferior sauces.

Kikko-Man - here to save us from inferior sauces.

From the You Aren’t Going To Eat That files…

Posted 2008.05.20 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It reminds me of one of those things from Star Trek. Triffles? I forget what they’re called. Yeah, the star trek things were fuzzy, this is more spindly. Ok maybe its more like a sea urchin. I don’t know. It’s not cute and cuddly looking, that’s for sure.

You really do eat them, though. It’s not a critter, it’s a kind of fruit.

It’s called a Rambutan and they grow in trees I think.

Once you peel off the freaky-looking shell, they’re sort of like a lychee inside – an oblong white fruit, with a big nut in the middle. It’s sweet, a bit juicy, a slightly exotic taste. Not as freaky as it looks. Fun to eat infront of people who don’t know WTF it is.

From the ‘What Was I Thinking’ Files

Posted 2007.09.24 0.00 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

Sometimes, the wise thing to do is *Not* listen to one’s mother. I suspect that sometimes my mum tells me things that are sheer and utter nonsense and she just does it to see if I’m paying attention or to find out if I’m still as gullible as I was when I was a kid.

So last night I was kind of hungry, but not really hungry, and wanted something small to eat, but didn’t feel like junk food. I didn’t feel like cooking up anything, just wanted something bigger than a snack but smaller than a meal. As usual I had almost nothing in the house. A sandwich seemed like the thing, but I didn’t have enough of anything to make a sandwich of any one genre. No cold meat, no lettuce, PB but no J. Just odds and ends. Then I remembered, my mum’s always going on about PB & Onion sandwiches and how it’s a good thing.


I went there.

I had some sweet Videlia onion, and I had some PB. So I made a PB & Onion sandwich.

At first it wasn’t entirely hideous. In fact, the PB and Onion seemed to cancel each other out, flavour-wise. It reminded me of cherry vanilla diet dr. pepper – there were so many flavours all in the same proportion that in the end I couldn’t taste anything at all, it was just a soda pop without any flavour. Well at first, the PB & O was like that… substance and texture but no taste.

Sadly, it didn’t stay that way.

I started getting little ‘flashes’ of flavour. A wave of PB. Then a blast of onion. Then a blast of PB & Onion.

It was bad. It was really bad. It was so bad that I couldn’t finish it, had to toss it away. It was so bad that my tummy got grumbly.

It was so bad that I had grumblies in my tummy all night.

I don’t know if I should tell my mum or not… I think she might just laugh. Or worse — she’ll make a note of it, and then next week, she’ll tell me about some other ‘great’ thing, and then wait to see how long before I’m stupid enough to try it.

PB & O is evil.

And Then It Dawned On Me…

Posted 2007.07.17 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So I was sitting here, eating a hamburger. Mmmm what a good burger, too. I don’t usually eat hamburgers but on a whim I bought some frozen ‘prime rib’ burgers at the grocery store the other day. I don’t know if it’s the burger or the way I dressed it up, but dang it’s good.

I’m too lazy at the moment to go and BBQ so I’ve fried it on one of those thick frying pans with the raised ridges, it keeps the food out of the fat and gives the impression of grille marks. More importantly though – as it’s nearly done I melt some swiss cheese on the burger. The soft kaiser roll is lightly toasted, and then I spread some frou-frou fancy mayonaisse on it, the kind with dried tomato and simulated bacon bits in it. I finely chop a single whole green onion, and lay that into the mayo. Then I finish with a spicey tabasco ketchup. Yeah, it tastes great. So great, in fact, this is the second day in a row – I had this for lunch yesterday, now for dinner tonight.

Misha’s all into it too, she’s been sitting at my feet whining for me to give her some. Not a chance though – I let her have some of it after lunch yesterday and a few minutes later she started barfing… and didn’t stop. She seemed to barf up everything she’d eaten in the past two weeks. She wandered from room to room to make sure every room got to share in the fun of kitty barf. No way I’m going to give her some hamburger again, I’m not risking a repeat of that.

Then it occurs to me, I was kind of sick myself last night – bad stomach cramps and other unpleasantness. Then I’m wondering if I’ve noticed a trend, that has to do with eating these ‘prime rib’ burgers and then experiencing digestive problems.

Certainly, it gave me something to think about as I finished eating the burger. The experiment is ongoing.