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And Then a Fortnight Passed

Posted 2012.04.10 10.32 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It’s like suddenly, it’s two weeks later. Only it wasn’t so sudden, as such.

It was more drawn out, boring, and quiet. Except when it wasn’t. Month end is always busy, and this time it was on a Monday, which makes it more “fun”, and then we had a bunch of issues which made the “fun” even more better. It was the “funnest” Monday in ages.

And that open windows day from March only lasted like 2 days, then it got cold again. Cold enough that I had to turn the furnace back on, and every day since then I’ve been hoping it’ll go back to being consistantly warm again.

C’mon weather, make me happy!

We could use more storms too. Cold damp grey drizzle is not inspiring. Sky-ripping thunder and lightning is inspiring. And invigorating. And exciting.

Anyhow, so basically this is just an update to say that there hasn’t been anything worth reporting or mentioning. A non-update. A nope-date.

Two Weeks

Posted 2010.01.01 8.49 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Bigger than a pepper kernel, smaller than a pea. It’s a baby apple snail, hatched a fortnight ago.