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Frog Zen

Posted 2013.07.21 12.33 in Aquaria by Stephanie

African Dwarf Frogs are tiny cute little aquarium pets. They do this wierd thing where they just kind of space out. Sometimes they do it standing up. Sometimes even upside-down. When you’re new to ADFs you might even think they’ve suddenly died on you, but really they’re just… spaced out.

It’s like their own little zen thing.

Zen Frog

I noticed this one zenning it up ontop of the plant, and she was out of it long enough for me to get a photo.

Snails and Frog

Posted 2012.09.18 10.02 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Wet Pets

Posted 2011.06.10 20.43 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Here’s a random pic of a little get-together in my snail tank:

About 3 weeks ago I adopted some more snails. The big one here is an Apple Snail who’s been eating and growing like crazy. Hitching a ride on his back is a little Nerite snail. Taking a close look at the nerite is an African Dwarf Frog. And a bit blurry in the background are two female Bettas.

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Mister Stoopidhead

Posted 2010.08.17 14.06 in Aquaria by Stephanie

This is one of my two African Dwarf Frogs. Mister Stoopidhead is male, the other one (a female) is named Little Piggy.

They are a bit shy, and when they swim up to the surface for air they go up and down very fast, so it’s rare to catch a pic of one of them while swimming. From the tip of his nose to his toes on his outstretched leg, he is about 2 inches long.

Awkward First Time

Posted 2010.04.25 10.33 in Aquaria by Stephanie

The first attempt at mating is usually rather awkward and uncomfortable…

Unfortunately, feelings of awkwardness and nervousness may be exacerbated by some nitwit with a camera, leading to embarassment and ultimately ending the first attempt in shame and disappointment.

Froggies and Snailies

Posted 2010.02.17 11.12 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Time for some more fishy photographs…

This is Spot, the Snail. The big white one, that is. I named him Spot because he has a black dot on his shell…you can’t see it in the photo because it’s on his butt. He wasn’t born that way, I put the dot there so I would be able to tell which one is him. It’s sort of a paradox thing… the dot is there so I can figure out who is Spot, but he wasn’t named Spot till after he had the dot… time travel can be confusing sometimes.

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Posted 2010.02.15 7.57 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Newest additions to my aquatic menagerie are a pair of African Dwarf Frogs – little micro froggies that only grow to about 1.5″ long, they live their whole lives in the water. Cute little guys, they seem a bit lost in the big tank with all the snails. 🙂