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Don’t Barf on the Furniture!

Posted 2010.03.25 8.40 in Cats by Stephanie

It’s one of my rules.

I expect most people have a similar rule, but perhaps they don’t need to spell it out – like an unwritten rule, common sense or whatever. I expect people who live with cats, will have a better idea what I’m talking about.

So my cats like cat grass. I’m not talking about catnip, but cat grass. It’s a plant, it’s grass, it’s safe for cats to eat and it helps their digestion. It’s good especially in springtime when they’re prone to hairballs, what with the winter fur shedding. Pixie is fairly good, she nibbles in moderation. Misha is more apt to gorge on the greens then hock it all back up a little while later.

Hence the rule: Don’t Barf on the Furniture.

When I give them catgrass, I remind them of the rule. Over and over. I’m glad you’re enjoying the catgrass, just Don’t Barf on the Furniture!

So imagine the joy I felt in my heart when the cats woke me at 4:00am. They had been playing chase, and the chase ended in my bedroom. Misha had been in the process of climbing overtop of me when it happened. I woke to a cat practically standing on my face making Hoch Hoch noises.

I tried to get her to move off the bed – first through reminding her Don’t Barf on the Furniture! Then by physically trying to push her off the bed. Cats have the ability to alter local gravity though, so when they don’t want to move they can seem double or tripple their weight. It makes them very immobile.

She did finally turn around so she was aiming off the side of the bed. More Hoch Hoch noises. Then she jumped down and sat in a corner. She was upset and embarrased. She knows she broke a rule, but more importantly, she embarassed herself infront of Pixie while they were playing.

Finally I could see that she’d managed to barf on the bed, the sheets, and my pillow. It looked like she got them all in a single shot – pretty remarkable. Anyhow, 4:00am is not the time for doing laundry, so I got up and tried to finish the night sleeping on the sofa.

Cats. Gotta love ’em.

Office Chair vs. Wheelchair – Part 1

Posted 2009.09.26 13.03 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Here on Planet Stephanie, office chairs are an important part of everyday furniture – even in the household. Office chairs allow one to roll back and forth from the desk to the cupboard, or from one side of the desk to the other. They’re the right height for working at the desk. The desk being another very important part of home furnishings – the most important, almost. (A good Sofa of Relaxation is also crucial.)

Unfortunately, the main benefit of the office chair, is also its biggest problem. The wheels.

They are made of this hard, unforgiving plastic. Probably ABS. On carpet, they crush the carpet fibres down, and on floor, they grind the top surface away. Even on a cement floor, those hard plastic wheels eventually crush and break up the top layer of cement, resulting in dust and a damaged floor.

Ok, yes, you can buy these floor / carpet protectors. We’re aware of them. They do not work. The carpet ones have all these nubbly bits that anchor them to the carpet. These eventually drill holes in your carpet, and merely slow the overall crushing of the rest of the surface. Plus they make it hard to wheel around, which is the main point of the office chair in the first place. The floor protectors don’t have nubbly bits but they also don’t do a damn thing to protect the floor. Worse, they can accellerate the damage should something get underneath the ‘protector’.

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Feeling Younger Again

Posted 2009.07.18 10.10 in Family/Friends, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Well, a chat with my mum has made me feel younger again.  Yay mom! After work yesterday I was feeling old because I realized I’d been “in the industry” for over 20 years.

Thanks to a conversation with my mum, I’m feeling younger again. See, old people and grownups give a shit about having furniture that matches and doesn’t “clash” with their walls and floor. Whereas I don’t give a flying f**k about stuff like that. And although I might be generalizing, I think by and large, younger people share my sentiments. As long as the chair supports your arse, or the sofa is suitable for crashing on, it is doing the job. Having it match anything else in the room is a luxury – and an irrelevant one at that.

I mean, I’m not knocking it – grownups like my mum know how to make a room look really, really smart. It’s just that, life is so busy and short… and I’d rather be comfortable than stylish. My rocking chair doesn’t match anything in my house, but when I need to sit and rock, it’s the bomb. My sofa doesn’t match anything but my loveseat (and sorta matches the colour of my walls, which is more serendipity than design) but it, and the loveseat, are both comfy to crash on.

About the only thing I put any thought into was the style and colour of the blinds I got, and although I’m very happy with them, my mum’s reaction was “You’re getting those? Well… it’s your house…” (Seriously, I honestly believe they look really smart! And I’m not colourblind, honest!)

So – realizing that I still don’t care about coordinated livingroom suites and matching plates and cutlery and all that nonsense, I feel young again. Or at least, younger.

I’m sure any day now I’ll find out that the ‘young kids’ care about matching furnishings, and then I’ll know I’m truly doomed.