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Spooky Stuff

Posted 2012.07.15 6.53 in Pointless Blather, Spiritual by Stephanie

Do you ever have those dreams where you’re basically attacked by paranormal stuff? You know, where objects in your house are thrown at you, and stuff is moving all around you and you can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t?

I don’t really like those dreams.

This morning I was dreaming that stuff was being pulled off my walls, like pictures and stuff like that. It was floating in mid air, then came flying across the room at me. Then when I tried to grab my cats and go, I couldn’t tell which ones were mine as there were too many cats around and my eyes were blurry.

It got kind of intense so I woke up. Glad it was just a dream.

Went to the kitchen to make some coffee, and sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, perfectly upright and unspilled, is a single jar of spice.

What. The. Fuck.

I keep most of my spices on the back of the stove, and the rest of them are all there untouched. There’s a neat little gap where this one used to be. It’s been taken off the back of the stove, and placed neatly in the middle of the kitchen floor. I don’t even see any spillage along the way.

Yes, it does cross my mind that one of the cats did it. Except they don’t go up on the kitchen counters any more. Well for sure Misha doesn’t. And Pixie – while I’m making coffee, she’s sitting in the livingroom, at the kitchen door, crying and won’t come into the kitchen.

Like she’s afraid to come into the kitchen, now she’s looking at me as if she wants to know if it’s safe.

So great, now I’m feeling a little uneasy. At least there’s coffee.

Caught on Film

Posted 2011.11.12 8.59 in Photography, Spiritual by Stephanie

The idea of catching ghosts on film has been around since about 35 seconds after the first camera was made. Well, maybe not quite that fast, but at least within the first week. The point is, ghost photos (and fake ghost photos) are as old as photography itself.

Nowadays there’s a huge glut of so-called “orb” pictures around, and some people take them very seriously. At one time I tried to keep an open mind about them too – I reasoned that maybe there was some sciencey reason that meant digital sensors were somehow sensitive to otherworldy energy. Or something like that.

I was forced to abandon that belief when faced with the fact that the large sensors in DSLR cameras do not catch “orbs” like the small point-and-shoot cameras do. And if it wasn’t some sciencey thing that made digital sensors catch them, then it had to be the other reason – tiny lens, tiny focal length, tiny sensor, and a flash in close proximity to the lens / sensor means any dust will be brightly illuminated and just inside the lens’s ability to focus as a big blurry blob.

So while I am open-minded and I’ve seen and experienced many things I cannot explain, the “orbs” captured by digital cameras are no longer in that “unexplained” category.

Now when I see these ghost-hunter type shows, and they capture orbs with their equipment, I always look closely to see what they are using. And I’ve never seen “orbs” captured on a large-sensor digital camera. And I’ve really never seen “orbs” captured on old-fashioned film.

Until now.

In the last week of October I had a half-roll of black & white film I wanted to use up, so I put it in a simple camera, and snapped a few shots around the house. Mainly I wanted to see how the film performed, and wasn’t worried about the subject matter so much as ensuring that the images turned out.

Out of about 8 or 10 frames, most were simple boring pictures. Then there was this one…

A glow seems to be emerging from the heat vent in the hall, and another glow seems to be streaking into or out of the front bedroom. I can say with certainty that I saw no such glows or illumination when I was taking the pictures that night.

There is also a bit of ‘fog’ towards the top of the frame. And down the right-hand side there are some faint after-images of the film’s sprocket holes.

I can’t say for sure that this photo is paranormal, it might be the result of a processing or film-handling mistake. However, I’ve processed dozens upon dozens of rolls of film just in the past 6 months alone, and I’ve never had something like this happen before.

You Know You Live On A Funky Street When…

Posted 2010.02.14 11.18 in Pointless Blather, Spiritual by Stephanie

I knew my neighborhood was cool when I saw that mobile Alchemist on Call van parked out front…

But this morning I spotted a new vehicle parked out front:

Who You Gonna Call?

Who You Gonna Call?

I guess the Historical Society was on to something when they sent out pamphlets around here asking if anyone had experienced paranormal activities in their homes.

I know I sure have.

The Case of the Kitchen Cupboards

Posted 2009.11.08 0.37 in Spiritual by Stephanie

On many occasions, I’ve found my kitchen cupboards opened. Not all of them, not all the time, but frequently I find a couple of the cupboards have been opened.

I always blame Misha for this, since I have caught her a few times coming out of the kitchen cupboards. I know, it might be annoying, but it is also kind of cute and funny to see a cat emerge from a cupboard like that.

Anyhow, so this evening I was in the kitchen to make a coffee, and one of the cupboards started to open. It was one that I was standing right infront of, so it couldn’t open much before bumping into me. Without really thinking, I just nudged it shut with my knee but met with resistance – the cupboard pushed back and opened more.

I thought, oh it must be Misha coming out, so I looked down. No Misha. I looked around. No cat at all. The cats were both in the living room.

So something opened the cupboard while I was infront of it, bumped it into me, then when I tried to close it, there was resistance and it pushed my leg back out of the way so it could open.

I don’t know what it was – there was nothing, noone there.


Locked Out!

Posted 2009.08.06 14.23 in Spiritual by Stephanie

Two wierd things in two days – something’s up! This morning when I was taking out the trash, the storm door locked itself behind me.

It’s an older door and is somewhat wobbly but the locking lever thingy is very tight and I never use it. It can only be locked from the inside, and it couldn’t have been the cats – they avoid the door, and couldn’t reach it anyways. So in the space of maybe 10 or 15 seconds, walk from the front door to the curb and back, I found myself stuck outside with my door locked.

Being wobbly and flimsy, the door wasn’t much of a match – I simply pulled really hard and it opened. But then I checked and sure enough, it wasn’t broken or stuck, the locking lever had definately been engaged.

What’s up with that? First there’s thumpy bangy noises chasing my cats around, then the door gets locked behind me?

Bumps in the Night

Posted 2009.08.04 20.57 in Cats, Spiritual by Stephanie

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything notably mysterious happen around here, but early this morning there was some inexplicable goings-on.

About 04:30 I was awoken to the sound of loud banging and thumping and cats hissing and snarling and running. This was not the typical sounds my two cats make when they playfight or even when they get seriously upset with each other, this was much, much more significant. My first (sleepy) thought for some reason was that a strange cat had somehow gotten into the house and caused all the ruckus.

So I got out of bed, turned on the lights and started to look around. What first struck me as very odd, was that there was not a single thing out of place. The second thing I noticed, was that there was not a single cat in sight anywhere.

I checked around and called a bit, but no cats responded.

Finally I spotted Pixie’s face from behind a box in the spare room; she was hiding in there. When I coaxed her out, her tail was all huge and puffy and she had clearly had a bad scare, moving slowly and staying low to the ground with her tail down as she glanced this way and that. Now I was assuming that the other cat Misha had been beating her up, and started calling for Misha to come out from wherever she was hiding. Expecting Misha to come from the opposite end of the house, I was surprised to see Misha creeping out from right behind where Pixie had been hiding — and like Pixie, Misha’s tail was puffy and she was acting very very scared.

So – based on the noises which woke me up and the behavior of the two cats, it seems like something making loud thumpy bangy noises possibly chased and definately terrified both the cats; they hissed and snarled but ended up hiding together in the spare room, so frightened that they wouldn’t even come out right away when I was calling for them.

And as I said, nothing was disturbed, nothing was knocked over or out of place. Whatever made the banging and thumping, did it without touching things, it would appear.

Conversations With Dead People

Posted 2006.11.26 1.00 in Spiritual by Stephanie

Not long ago I was enjoying a nice stay at a nice hotel. First time in a hotel in several years. Nice, relaxing getaway.

It started while I was relaxing in the tub. Just laying back, soaking with some bath salts, listening to some tunes on my iPod Shuffle. All was good. Then I heard a bang like someone giving the bathroom counter a hard knock. Kind of startling but that’s all. No big deal, it’s a hotel, people come and go and do things. I reasoned it had to be something outside the hotel room, and not right close, since I was alone in the room and the door locked and deadbolted. The rest of the bath was mostly quiet, a few more bangs or knocks, but as before I could mostly convince myself the noises were outside my room.

A few hours later and I was in bed. Strange bed and all, but I was tired and ready to sleep. Closed my eyes and just ready to drift off, when Whap! Whap! Whap! – three sharp distinct knocks, coming from the coffee table about 6 feet from the bed. No way to explain it away, nothing I can reason or ignore, this was unmistakable and couldn’t be ignored. I knew it was the coffee table because of the direction the sound came from, and because I could hear the two wineglasses atop the coffee table rattling slightly with each Whap.

So suddenly I’m wide-awake again. Thinking of shows like Most Haunted, thinking of people who flee their hotel rooms in the middle of the night and refuse to return. I don’t wanna be one of those people. So I stay in bed. Turn on the TV, to get my mind off things and relax again.

Tired still, I start getting sleepy. And as I lay there in bed, in the dark, the TV on but quiet, I sort of end up in a sort of half-asleep conversation about what’s on the TV. I thought it was my mother talking to me (I’d spent the day with her, talking about a lot of stuff). Laying there half-asleep in bed listening to this woman talking, suddenly it clicks in where I am – alone in a hotel room. And I’m wide-awake again, of course my mother’s not standing there next to the bed. But some woman had been there with me, briefly, talking to me.

This left me with a sensation of creepiness. Not fear really. I don’t know how to describe it. Just creepiness, something ‘other’. For all the times I’ve heard strange noises, all the times I’ve had objects in my home move, or other inexplicable occurances…this is really the first time I have felt like I was experiencing communication. When I was half asleep, thinking I was talking with my mother, then suddenly realized that “you’re not my mom…you’re just…not.” Creepiness. Not actually creepy, but close.

I did eventually get to sleep, and that was the last unexplained event of the night. So yeah, you’re thinking whatever, you were half asleep, it was just some dumb dreams, you’re dumb. Well when I was checking out, I asked if the hotel was a new building or an old one. The woman said old, then asked why I wanted to know. Maybe something in my tone got her curious, or maybe she’s had the question before. I told her I had some strange occurances in the night, told her about the knocking, and the strong female presense I had felt.

She then just nodded, “Uh-huh. You were in room ## weren’t you?” Appearantly it’s not unusual. She said in fact they have two known spirits in the hotel, and the room I was in, was known to have occurances.

It was kind of funny though, after all the oddities and stuff that goes on around my old home, that I should go away for a vacation and end up having the same wierd stuff going on in the hotel too. Or maybe it was just to help me feel at home. Either way, it was interesting, and gave me another interesting story.