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A Github Kind of Day

Posted 2012.01.29 9.09 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

For all the years I’ve been dabbling with programming-related projects, I’ve always just put the code on my own website so folks could download it there.

Meanwhile there’s all these other tools and things people have built specifically for sharing code, and I’d kind of ignored them because I had my own easy (for me) way of doing it. The problem with just throwing a zip archive on my site here is that people can download it, but they can’t easily make changes or contribute to its development – in other words, it’s not really collaboratively friendly.

So at long last, I’ve got around to looking into Github, or Git — I don’t even know what it’s supposed to be called, in fact. Whatever it is, I got myself an account and set up not one, but two public repositories.

This first is for my little Chronodot library for the Arduino. This gives you full real-time-clock functionality in your Arduino sketch, and also lets you get the current temperature readings from the Chronodot as well.

The Chronodot library for Arduino is available here.

The second is a high performance i2c LCD driver that was originally created by Matt Falcon. He had shared it via the Adafruit support forums, but it had not been updated for the changes in Arduino’s 1.0 IDE. People were asking for those changes, so I went ahead and modified the library to be 1.0 compatible.

The LiquidTWI library for Arduino is available here.