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Feeling Old

Posted 2009.07.17 16.29 in Pointless Blather, Work by Stephanie

In a recent post, I briefly went back in time to 1988. It was only for a moment or two, and was kind of interesting remembering what things were like then. Today however, things went the other way and I briefly felt kinda old… and I don’t wanna feel old! I’m not even 40 yet dangit!

What happened was, I had a problem at work where a supplier hadn’t followed my purchase order exactly. It wasn’t a huge problem, but I was annoyed as it was the second time they’ve made this mistake, and since I knew they made the mistake before, this time I noted the special instructions in two different places. Yet they still managed to ignore them.

Anyhow so we had things sorted out, they were going to fix the problem on Monday, and all would be well. But then they call me back with an excuse – it’s still getting fixed and all that, but they wanted to give me an excuse as to why the mistake happened. First, excuses are usually irrelevant, and second, the matter had already been satisfactorily resolved, we’d already moved on, so it was doubly irrelevant. Then the kicker was, their excuse itself – it made exactly the kind of sense that is… not.

And I’m like, “What? Really? Of all my suppliers, nobody else uses the terminology like that.” “Oh yes, that’s how we do it here”, they answer. I’m still perplexed. “You know, I’ve been in this industry for 20 years, and this is the first time I’ve ever heard someone say that’s how they define this term.”

Oh… and then it hits.  I’ve been in this industry for 20 years. OMFG. That’s what old people say. “I’ve been in this industry for XX years (you young whippersnapper)!” And worse – it’s been more than 20 years, I was just rounding down.

Ok in my defence, I technically started working in the industry part-time when I was 14.

Still – I’ve been working for more years than I haven’t worked. I’ve got stories that begin with “Well when I started, if we wanted to XXXXX we had to YYYYY”. Geeze – there’s software applications I’ve written out there which are old enough to drink! In fact, old enough to be getting ready for college graduation!

Bah – I’ll have to find time this weekend to get myself a shawl and a cane, and maybe a cut crystal bowl I can fill with dust and hard candy.

Industrial-Strength Geese

Posted 2009.07.12 9.27 in Photography, Uncategorized by Stephanie

I work in an industrial park type area – factories, auto body shops, office buildings, et cetera. The area is bordered by an 8-lane freeway, a big 6-lane traffic-artery, and two 4-lane major roads. It’s all asphalt, tar macadam, concrete and brick, punctuated with the occasional grass lawn or weed-infested ditch. Speaking of which, a drainage ditch runs through the area, carrying industrial runoff and trash on a journey that eventually links up with the region’s drinking-water supply.

But I digress.

ducksIn spite of all this, the industrial area is home to at least two separate permanent gopher populations, and this spring it has been home to eight adult geese – who proceeded to hatch and raise four hoards of babies. While the babies still had their baby-down, I was able to count over 20 of them, along with the four proud couples of parents.

Aside from the sheer perserverence of Mother Nature, I am also impressed and happy that everyone is willing to stop and give the geese safe passage, when they choose to cross all the busy roads. Business-men, truck drivers, delivery-persons, everybody stops when the geese roam out into traffic.

It gives me a good feeling.