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Overlord! 2.0 Released

Posted 2014.07.15 7.49 in iPhone by Stephanie

Overlord v2.0


Overlord! version 2.0 is now available in the App Store.

Version 2.0 includes a number of improvements and updates:

  • Various readability improvements to the different colour themes.
  • Expanded details in overview, search view, and day view entry lists.
  • Additional usability options in settings.
  • Various bug-fixes and under-the-hood performance improvements.

Overlord! is a calendar replacement app for iPhone and iPad, designed for those of us who depend primarily on the List view and the Month view.

For more information, please have a look at the Overlord! Calendar Replacement app page.

Overlord! is available in the App Store.




Random Updates

Posted 2011.03.30 16.41 in Pointless Blather, Uncategorized by Stephanie

Following up from Sunday, the older version of Xcode (3.x) solved all my problems. I haven’t gotten thick, it was just the awfulness of Xcode version 4.x being so bad that I couldn’t see past it to the actual work I needed to do. Downgrading to 3.x has made me happy and I was able to get back at my next big thing.

The issue now is that it seems I left this half-finished app with a lot more unfinished work than I had thought. So I really need to get busy if I want to get it released on schedule and with all the planned functions and features.

#elxn41 – after holding out for many years, I’ve finally gone and signed up on Twitter. Of all things, it was politics that pulled me in. I wanted to follow the Green Party and keep ontop of what’s going on. In addition to political stuff, I’ve figured out how to follow some friends, some electronics gurus and some hacker geeks. Just have to figure out now if I have anything to say that’s tweet-worthy.

And in other news, my DIY Thermostat continues to be the most bestest thermostat ever, and makes me happy several times each day. I’m going to try and draw up some schematics and then maybe make a page entry for it. It’s just that cool.

Brain Drain

Posted 2011.03.27 8.45 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

It’s very frustrating. I’ve just resumed working on an iPad app, after a 4 or 5 month hiatus, and once again I can’t figure the darn stuff out.

Last time I got back into iOS coding, it was after more than a year away. Things had gone through two major revisions; I had learned coding in iOS 2.x and when I went back to it, they were at iOS 4.x – there were some huge changes.

This time, it’s not like that. I got about halfway through this project in October or November, working against 3.2 and 4.something. Certainly, 4.something was the current level that I was compiling against. And now were’ just at 4.3 so it’s only one or two minor changes.

But this time around, they’ve completely — completely — changed the IDE. I mean utterly, it’s a strange and unfamiliar new beast, and I frakking hate it. I think it’s ugly, stuff is hidden, it feels like they’ve removed things I was accustomed to.

They probably have some positive-sounding marketing spin, but what they’re really doing is slowly moving towards this full-screen one-app-at-a-time bullshit on the Mac. It works on the iPhone / iPad because of the limitations there, and I get that it makes life easier for non-technical people. But if you’re writing code or doing development, then by definition you are kinda technical, yeah?

So I’m really resenting what they’ve done to Xcode.

It’s foreign and ugly and I look at my half-finished project and can’t make head-nor-tails of it. The language hasn’t changed but I can’t figure out what the heck I’m doing. I don’t know if this means I’ve gotten dumber in the last 4 or 5 months, or if I’m just blocking it out because I find the interface so shitty.

Either way it is frustrating and bothersome.

The project has a self-imposed go-live deadline of April 30th. There’s at least a month of work left on it. I know I shouldn’t have left it so late to get back to it, but all that other stuff was happening and this got set on the backburner.

Bah. I’m just venting. Though I fear this is indicative of the direction Apple is taking overall with their desktop OS and I don’t like what I’m seeing. I didn’t like the preview of Lion, either.

Update: Yay, a quick scan through the developer forums revealed that the old Xcode was still available — just hidden. So I’m off downloading that. Later today I’ll find out if it was just the crappy new interface, or if I really have gotten stupider over the last few months.

iPad Envy

Posted 2010.10.13 14.18 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Back in January when the iPad first came out, my reaction was pretty meh. There were a number of points about which I was unimpressed or underwhelmed.

Yet now, a mere 9 months later, I keep thinking I want one. What’s Apple done to me? Don’t they already have enough of my money?

There’s all these rumours spinning around too, about a next-gen iPad. Maybe coming next year, or maybe coming before x-mas. It’ll be smaller, or it’ll be the same size. It’ll have a higher-resolution screen, or maybe it won’t. It’ll be faster. It’ll have more memory. It’ll have cameras. It’ll make toast, walk the dog, and cure cancer.

So I don’t know…

  • I want one.
  • I don’t want one.
  • I need one, to test my own apps during development.
  • I don’t really need one, my apps aren’t optimized or made for the iPad.
  • I would like one, so I can optimize some of the business websites for the iPad.
  • I don’t need one as the iPad has a big enough screen that it’s like using a regular computer, so the business sites don’t need to be modified at all.

I want one now. I don’t want one now, I want to wait till November to see if there’s any announcements.

If I wait till November and there’s no announcements, maybe there’ll be an announcement in January. So then I should wait another month or two.

But I want one now.


What I think of the iPad

Posted 2010.01.29 10.08 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

First impressions, based on the Gallery and Tech Specs pages at Meh.

Here’s a list of things they should have incorporated from the get-go:

  • Fold-out Handle. It’s all curvy and smooth and sleek, but unlike the iPod or iPhone it’s too big to wrap your hand around. I predict lots of dropped iPads. Added bonus – a fold out handle with the right articulation could give the iPad a nice tilt if you happen to be using it on a desk with the onscreen keyboard.
  • Built-in SD card reader. They’ve put them on iMacs. The iPad should have had one too. Making it an add-on for the dock connector is stupid, it’s something extra you have to buy and remember.
  • Camera. It wouldn’t have killed them to stick a tiny camera (or two!) in the iPad. I don’t know if anyone uses them that much, but better to have than not have. They could have had one on the back like the iPhone, then stuck one on the front for video conferencing.
  • USB port. It obviously has one in the dock, but you shouldn’t need an extra dock adaptor just to plug in a USB peripheral. It should have a simple ordinary plain boring old USB port or two.

I don’t know if the iPad will be a fail or not, but I’m not itching to run out and buy one. The only thing I saw that did interest me was the keyboard with the built-in dock connector. I wonder if that would work with an iPhone – I hate the onscreen keyboard on the iPhone. Well to be specific I hate the inaccuracy of it. Without getting all into the technicalities, the way the touchscreen works makes it difficult to be really precise. Anyways, the keyboard accessory looked good.

One other thing intrigued me a little – they mentioned the processor was a custom-designed Apple A4 system on a chip. I wonder what the specs are, who made it, if the architecture is similar to or based on anything we’re familiar with, etc. etc.