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WordPress Stuff

Posted 2009.07.20 10.26 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Family/Friends by Stephanie

So this past month I’ve been helping my good friend Lezley to migrate her comic and web stuff from basically a standard html / cgi based system that I created 3 years ago, to a site fully powered by WordPress. We’re combining her stuff all into one site so she’ll have her comic and blog and everything under one roof, and start building it up from there.

It’s been kind of fun in that it is forcing me to learn more and get better aquainted with WordPress again. I’d gotten to a point with my own sites where I was just using them and not really doing anything interesting. I guess you reach a level where you’re happy with how things are, so you stop learning and expanding, then the world starts moving on and unless something happens to force you to keep up with it, you end up falling further behind. (Damn technology always improving and evolving.)

Anyhow, go and check it out! Peeling Onions’ new home is!



Posted 2006.09.25 0.00 in Lasers by Stephanie

Here’s a great link, everything you want to know about how laser diodes work.

Laser diodes are super tiny but can be surprisingly powerful. Find out how, and why. Warning: Linked site may contain science, physics, and education.

How Laser Diodes Work

Laser Diode and a Penny.
Photo from Wiki