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Old Lenses, New Camera

Posted 2009.08.27 9.15 in Photography by Stephanie

This is a neat little gizmo that only cost about $25 on ebay: An adaptor ring that mounts into a Canon EOS body, and allows one to mount a Minolta MD-type lens on the front. It has one adjusting-lens which compensates for the width of the adaptor so that the lens focal-length is unaffected and full focusing remains possible. I’m sure it reduces the aperture by a stop or so, but that is to be expected with any kind of adaptor or extension tubes.

MD/EOS Adaptor Ring

The MD/EOS adaptor does not have any electronics, so there is no communications as far as aperture or anything else. And of course, MD lenses are manual focus.

With this adaptor I can now use my 50mm f/1.7 lens and my 28mm f/2.8 wide/macro lens, along with my 3x Macro Teleconverter. The 50mm lens will make a good portrait lens I think, or a short fast prime telephoto. The 28mm lens is not as useful to me as a prime lens as I already have my 30mm f/1.4 — however, the 28mm lens has a macro function which I do not have otherwise. In addition, using the 3x teleconverter, I can turn either the 50mm or 28mm into a super-macro, with a magnification greater than 1:1. I also have an old telephoto, 80-200mm but it is rather slow and I can do better with a newer lens, I think.

Below is a picture I took using the 28mm f/2.8 lens on the adaptor. The subject is the 50mm f/1.4 lens. This was at f/4 aperture, 1/125 shutter, and with the camera’s onboard flash for illumination.

Adaptor Photo

Biggest. Lens. Ever.

Posted 2009.08.18 14.09 in Photography by Stephanie

I didn’t even know such a beast existed, until I saw the review over at the Wild Nature Photography blog.

Appearantly Canon makes a 1200mm f5.6L telephoto lens. Rumour has it that it’s entirely hand-made, takes a year to build, and costs about $90,000.00 — but hey, if you want to photograph sports without having to go into the stadium, or need to do portraits from the next county over… this is the lens for you! 🙂

Biggest Lens Ever

Ooh – and you can stick a 2x teleconverter on it for a focal length of 2.4 meters, then put it on a crop-sensor body for an overall appearant length of 3840mm… yikes. And at only 38 pounds it’s light enough to be portable…lol.

Seriously though, it’s an impressive lens and the internet review is about as close as I expect to ever get to one of these monsters. I mean, I figured 250mm was a long lens, and on my old Minolta, I thought I was all that with my 200mm lens and a 3x teleconverter: 600mm was the bomb, I reckoned.

Anyhow, go and see the review. It’s pretty neat, and it’s an awesome lens to behold.

Trumpets and Macros

Posted 2009.08.11 19.56 in Aquaria, Photography by Stephanie

I recently found yet another uninvited guest in my aquarium – a ‘trumpet’ snail. These guys burrow in the substrate so they spend a lot of time out of sight. The burrowing is good, as it churns up the gravel and helps prevent ‘dead spots’ from forming. On the down-side, some resources say they reproduce parthenogenetically, meaning an unfertilized female can reproduce all by herself. So they might have the potential to multiply out of control.

Trumpet Snail, front and back

Trumpet Snail, 1/2 inch long, front and back.

I’ve already got an out-of-control situation with the physas (tadpole snails) and the planorbids (ramshorns). Add to that the bithynias (faucet snails) and now this trumpet and I’ve pretty much run the gamut on ‘dang pest snails’.

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Essential Camera Gear

Posted 2009.08.10 9.09 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

So comparing this weekend’s visit to Loafers Lake to last weekend’s trip to Belfountain, I felt there was a huge difference in the experience for me. The difference was in how I took the photos, how I felt about the camera, and how I feel about the photos themselves – and ultimately, reminding me what can be accomplished with the simple combination of a good camera, a good lens, and a good eye.

Tim Lake

Tim Lake

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