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Queen West Art Crawl

Posted 2009.09.21 16.49 in Family/Friends, Photography by Stephanie

My friend Lezley Davidson was sharing a table with Ty Dunitz in Toronto over the weekend at an art fair thingy. On Sunday I went to visit and see what it was all about. And I brought my Holga camera.

The Holga had some issues, namely the film counter window had issues (or maybe the film itself had issues) and we ended up with 6×6 pictures all overlapped by about 1cm. I scanned the images as best I could, but there’s lots of overlapping craziness. Out of a roll and a half, there were some shots that were interesting enough to share.

The Shwaa?

Posted 2009.09.14 1.09 in Family/Friends, Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

I spent some time in Oshawa on Saturday, visiting with my friend Lezley. We went to a park on the shore of Lake Ontario and walked around a pier there, where I shot off most of a roll of film using my Canonet GIII QL17 rangefinder. I got the exposures right this time, by dialing down the ISO setting from 400 to 250. In other words, the alkaline battery’s higher voltage is causing the meter to under-expose the film by about 2/3 of a stop.

Anyhow, here’s some shots. As with earlier film, this was Kodak Tri-X 400, developed in T-Max for about 6 minutes. These were exposed with the Canonet’s 40mm lens at various apertures, but mostly around 1/125 sec & f/11 to f/16.

WordPress Stuff

Posted 2009.07.20 10.26 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Family/Friends by Stephanie

So this past month I’ve been helping my good friend Lezley to migrate her comic and web stuff from basically a standard html / cgi based system that I created 3 years ago, to a site fully powered by WordPress. We’re combining her stuff all into one site so she’ll have her comic and blog and everything under one roof, and start building it up from there.

It’s been kind of fun in that it is forcing me to learn more and get better aquainted with WordPress again. I’d gotten to a point with my own sites where I was just using them and not really doing anything interesting. I guess you reach a level where you’re happy with how things are, so you stop learning and expanding, then the world starts moving on and unless something happens to force you to keep up with it, you end up falling further behind. (Damn technology always improving and evolving.)

Anyhow, go and check it out! Peeling Onions’ new home is!


Devil’s Panties!

Posted 2008.10.31 0.00 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

So a few days ago, my very good friend Lezley sent me a link to a site called The Devil’s Panties.

It sounded wierd and unusual, so I knew I had to check it out. What I found there was a daily comic, sort of semi-autobiographical, about a woman named Jennie.

She seemed really likeable and I thought I was sort of relating to her and some of her situations. Plus, her style reminded me a lot of Lezley’s style.

I ended up spending about 3 hours that day, reading comic after comic. I think I covered 2 or 2.5 years worth of her work, but still only about a quarter or a third of the way through it. Nonetheless, when I saw the image that’s posted below, I knew for certain that Jennie and I have at least some things in common.


The Devil’s Panties

The devil's panties, Ides of March, 2003
The Devil’s Panties, Ides of March, 2003

Peeling Onions

Posted 2008.09.17 0.00 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

A shameless plug for my friend Lezley’s website.

She’s an artist, she draws well, and has a great sense of humour and a nice casual style. She’s working on a daily comic thing, with a new take on life.

Go and check out her work.

Peeling Onions

Peeling Onions

Posted 2006.07.06 0.00 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

A very good friend of mine has started a webcomic called Peeling Onions.

It’s quite good; she’s a great artist and has a unique sense of humor. The comic it is about living life, peeling away the layers to get to the core.

So, go and check it out!