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Can’t Cut Glass Yet…

Posted 2009.09.19 8.24 in Aquaria, Cats

Can't Cut Glass Yet

Yeah those claws are sharp, but not sharp enough to cut glass hon. Not yet, at least…

That One Please?

Posted 2009.09.17 8.22 in Aquaria, Cats

That One Please?

Pixie has suddenly developed an unhealthy interest in my aquarium. No, it is not there for you to pick live noms from.


Posted 2009.09.16 8.22 in Aquaria, Cats


Despite her fearsome roar, Pixie fails to convince any fish or snails to jump into her mouth.

Time 4 Lolz

Posted 2009.04.06 9.03 in Cats, Computers/Internet/Technology

Waek Me When Teh Drama Iz Ovar

Posted 2009.04.01 8.39 in Cats, Photography

Waek Me When Teh Drama Iz Ovar


Lolcats…Getcher Lolcats Here!

Posted 2008.10.18 0.00 in Cats


I Can Has Cheezeburger?

The Kitties Will Rule Us All

Posted 2007.08.05 0.00 in Pointless Blather

All Hail the Kitties
(Blatantly swiped from an SL forum site.)