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Posted 2009.11.22 7.56 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie


Can’t Cut Glass Yet…

Posted 2009.09.19 8.24 in Aquaria, Cats by Stephanie

Can't Cut Glass Yet

Yeah those claws are sharp, but not sharp enough to cut glass hon. Not yet, at least…

That One Please?

Posted 2009.09.17 8.22 in Aquaria, Cats by Stephanie

That One Please?

Pixie has suddenly developed an unhealthy interest in my aquarium. No, it is not there for you to pick live noms from.


Posted 2009.09.16 8.22 in Aquaria, Cats by Stephanie


Despite her fearsome roar, Pixie fails to convince any fish or snails to jump into her mouth.

Crazy Silly Mind Games

Posted 2009.08.23 9.49 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So one of those things about drugs like cryptospam, is that it’s vitally important not to go around missing doses all willy-nilly. Not only does it mess you up in the short term, but in the long term it can reduce the overall effectiveness of the drug. So of course, lately I’ve been going around missing doses, all willy-nilly. The problem is, cryptospam is supposed to be taken with food. So my routine for some time, has been to take it with lunch. However, the past few weeks or so, my routine has been all disrupted and I’ve been missing lunch quite a bit, or having it very late in the day, like after work.

Actual warning label from pill bottle.

Actual warning label from cryptospam bottle.

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Insert Caption

Posted 2009.08.12 21.52 in Cats, Photography by Stephanie

Need a Caption

I got this funny picture of Pixie, and it feels like it really needs a caption but I’m not sure what.

Achoo? Something about Bed-Head? Don’t make faces or it’ll stick that way?

Waek Me When Teh Drama Iz Ovar

Posted 2009.04.01 8.39 in Cats, Photography by Stephanie

Waek Me When Teh Drama Iz Ovar