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Posted 2011.01.17 19.37 in Cats by Stephanie

Bumps in the Night

Posted 2009.08.04 20.57 in Cats, Spiritual by Stephanie

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything notably mysterious happen around here, but early this morning there was some inexplicable goings-on.

About 04:30 I was awoken to the sound of loud banging and thumping and cats hissing and snarling and running. This was not the typical sounds my two cats make when they playfight or even when they get seriously upset with each other, this was much, much more significant. My first (sleepy) thought for some reason was that a strange cat had somehow gotten into the house and caused all the ruckus.

So I got out of bed, turned on the lights and started to look around. What first struck me as very odd, was that there was not a single thing out of place. The second thing I noticed, was that there was not a single cat in sight anywhere.

I checked around and called a bit, but no cats responded.

Finally I spotted Pixie’s face from behind a box in the spare room; she was hiding in there. When I coaxed her out, her tail was all huge and puffy and she had clearly had a bad scare, moving slowly and staying low to the ground with her tail down as she glanced this way and that. Now I was assuming that the other cat Misha had been beating her up, and started calling for Misha to come out from wherever she was hiding.¬†Expecting Misha to come from the opposite end of the house, I was surprised to see Misha creeping out from right behind where Pixie had been hiding — and like Pixie, Misha’s tail was puffy and she was acting very very scared.

So – based on the noises which woke me up and the behavior of the two cats, it seems like something making loud thumpy bangy noises possibly chased and definately terrified both the cats; they hissed and snarled but ended up hiding together in the spare room, so frightened that they wouldn’t even come out right away when I was calling for them.

And as I said, nothing was disturbed, nothing was knocked over or out of place. Whatever made the banging and thumping, did it without touching things, it would appear.

Ah-Noise-Ing my friends family, and coworkers.

Posted 2006.07.17 0.00 in Music/Movies/TV by Stephanie

A week or so ago, I was all excited about the Thingamagoop from Bleep Labs. So excited, I put in an order for one, in fact.

Well, seems a lot of people saw that article on Music Thing and Dr. Bleep is overloaded with orders, so it’ll be a few weeks before my Thingama arrives. Unfortunately, patience is a virtue of which I am not always in posession.

I’m still excited though, and eager to play and make noise. So, after a bit of thought, a bit of time spent poking around on the internet, and a bit of experimentation, I have built my own noise-making box. It is neither as cute or as cool as a Thingama, but it will let me annoy everyone within earshot, until my real Thingama arrives.

It’s actually really simple inside, I’ve just used a pair of 556 dual-timer chips, with variable resistors to control some of the oscilators, and switches to set whether the oscillators are mixed at the speaker, or if they switch each other on and off. I’ve only got 3 of the 4 oscillators running, and only 3 of the four knobs are wired right now. It makes some cool (annoying) noises. I think I’ll call it Ah-Noise-Ing.

Ah-Noise-Ing Blue Box