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Waikiti Mall

Posted 2007.03.23 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Elaborating a bit further from yesterday’s post…

The mall at Waikiti Island is actually built sort of like a big two story shack, made out of old wood and materials dating back to WW2. Weathered wood panels, rusty corrugated tin roof panels, and old dock posts give it a nice laid-back relaxed appearance.

In addition to the two indoor levels, there are a half dozen smaller stand-alone shacks, and some tables out in the open, where vendors may display and sell their wares. Rents are cheap, prim allowances are competitive, and the area is neither too busy nor too desolate — enough folk come to see the mall, without it being too crowded or laggy.

Waikiti Mall is the only part of the island were retail / commercial activities are permitted. The mall is not too big, offering a total of 12 indoor shops, 6 standalone shacks, and 10 table / stalls.

The mall is accessable by water, and overland, with direct teleport access to and from the beach / bar area.

Waikiti Mall

Waikiti Mall
If none of this makes a damn bit of sense to you — go try out SL, then come back here in a fortnight.