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Posted 2011.10.04 19.31 in Pointless Blather, Uncategorized by Stephanie

That’s how I feel. My leg is not getting better fast enough. It’s cold out. I’m unenthusiastic about everything.


Can’t even think of anything that would cheer me up.

Cameras just remind me that I can’t walk around and take pictures.

I’m still burned out on electronics.

Fish and snails… burned me out last week. I forgot to blob about that. I did make a post about it though at

It’s a long weekend coming up. Thanksgiving. Not feeling very thanksful at the moment, though I realize that I do have a great many things to be thankful about.

Anyways, turkeys are annoying.

End of the Year

Posted 2010.12.31 18.19 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So 2010 is drawing to a close in a few hours. It went by quickly, except when it was going slow. There were ups and downs. Mostly downs. All in all, I’d rate it about a 4. Solid “Meh.”

Nearly adequate.

What I think of the iPad

Posted 2010.01.29 10.08 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

First impressions, based on the Gallery and Tech Specs pages at Meh.

Here’s a list of things they should have incorporated from the get-go:

  • Fold-out Handle. It’s all curvy and smooth and sleek, but unlike the iPod or iPhone it’s too big to wrap your hand around. I predict lots of dropped iPads. Added bonus – a fold out handle with the right articulation could give the iPad a nice tilt if you happen to be using it on a desk with the onscreen keyboard.
  • Built-in SD card reader. They’ve put them on iMacs. The iPad should have had one too. Making it an add-on for the dock connector is stupid, it’s something extra you have to buy and remember.
  • Camera. It wouldn’t have killed them to stick a tiny camera (or two!) in the iPad. I don’t know if anyone uses them that much, but better to have than not have. They could have had one on the back like the iPhone, then stuck one on the front for video conferencing.
  • USB port. It obviously has one in the dock, but you shouldn’t need an extra dock adaptor just to plug in a USB peripheral. It should have a simple ordinary plain boring old USB port or two.

I don’t know if the iPad will be a fail or not, but I’m not itching to run out and buy one. The only thing I saw that did interest me was the keyboard with the built-in dock connector. I wonder if that would work with an iPhone – I hate the onscreen keyboard on the iPhone. Well to be specific I hate the inaccuracy of it. Without getting all into the technicalities, the way the touchscreen works makes it difficult to be really precise. Anyways, the keyboard accessory looked good.

One other thing intrigued me a little – they mentioned the processor was a custom-designed Apple A4 system on a chip. I wonder what the specs are, who made it, if the architecture is similar to or based on anything we’re familiar with, etc. etc.