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Winter Sux

Posted 2010.12.14 11.49 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

It’s crazy. It’s not even winter here yet. And I already hate it.

In fact it feels like I’m hating winter more and faster than I remember in previous years. It hasn’t really snowed much here yet, but don’t care so much about snow. It’s the cold. And it’s the way so many people forget how to drive when there’s white stuff blowing around.

Cold – it seems like it’s damn cold out, and in. Like, Suddenly: Deep Freeze! Yet it’s not really that cold, when you look at a thermometer. It’s only mid-December.. what am I going to feel like when we get to February and the -40’s? Actually, I don’t want to know. I want to hibernate.

Then there’s the way people drive… Oh my Gods.

We get this white shit every year. Why is it always a shock to people? Why don’t people learn to fucking drive on snow? “Oh christ there’s snow on the ground – I better go into panic mode and act like I’ve forgotten how to use a car!”

One thing I’ve made a point of doing every year since I got my license, is when we get some snowy/icy/slippy weather, I’ll find an empty road or parking-lot, and practice driving in bad conditions. It’s not magic. You can learn this stuff. It varies from car to car, and it’s good to stay in practice. All you need to do is first, learn what your vehicle feels like as it is losing traction or just starting to slide. Then you learn how to deal with it. Most of it is common sense. I’m sure there’s even places you can go, to specifically learn how to drive in poor conditions.

So here’s the deal: If driving in the snow makes you feel so scared and tense that you have to go at 10km/h with your four-way blinkers on, if you’re on the verge of panicing when another vehicle goes past you, if you can’t stop at a stop-sign that you can see 250 meters away, then stay the fuck home. If you don’t know how to drive in the winter, then just don’t do it.

WTF is with Litter?!

Posted 2009.07.21 15.51 in Pointless Blather, Uncategorized by Stephanie

Just driving around, it feels like there’s more and more trash in the streets, along the curbs. You stop at the red light an a highway off-ramp, and alongside the road it looks like a garbage truck rolled over and they forgot to clean up after they hauled the truck away. Fast food packaging, beverage containers, cigarette butts, etc. etc.

I just don’t understand how people think it’s acceptable to just throw their trash wherever they want. Do they believe that it magically disappears when they let go? At night the little garbage pixies emerge and creep around collecting the rubbish?

Or is it that they just don’t care – as long as it’s not in their car or on their yard – as long as it’s not their problem, they just don’t give a damn? I bet these are the same people who never use turn signals and who coast through stopsigns.

Whatever may be going through their minds (or may not be, as the case may be), it makes me think that on some level, at some phase in their being, they are completely undeveloped. Some part of them is still in its infancy, and like an infant, they crawl around pissing and shitting their trash over the landscape, oblivious to what they are doing. Someone else has to come by periodically to clean up their droppings, and we all just hope that someday these individuals will perhaps start to develop.