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Cats & Their Toy Mice

Posted 2012.08.18 10.19 in Cats by Stephanie

I think it’s kind of cute that the cats tend to keep their toys all together. I’m sure it’s just coincidence or whatever, but they play with the toy mice then when they’re done playing, the toy mice all end up in a little group.

Except there was something… unusual about the collection of toy mice, this morning.

Maybe don’t read on, if you’re easily squicked out.

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Hunter Kitties

Posted 2011.06.19 19.52 in Cats by Stephanie

What the Pixie catches then releases, the Misha catches and wants to keep.

Viewer discretion is advised.

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The Pixie Point System

Posted 2010.11.09 8.14 in Cats, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Pixie seems to be a little confused on how the points-system works. I’m hoping she will read this, and maybe print out a copy to keep handy so she can reference it later.

  • 5 Points – Catching a mouse.
  • 10 Points – Killing a mouse.
  • -5 Points – Letting a mouse go.
  • -10 Points – Letting a mouse go in my bedroom.
  • -15 Points – Letting a mouse go in my bedroom at 3:00am.
  • 0 Points – Catching & killing a mouse, but keeping it a secret.
  • -25 Points – Hiding the mousey remains so I won’t find it for a full month.

The real problem here is that it only takes one or two mistakes to wipe out the points she earns from a couple good jobs. This is only compounded by the fact that she doesn’t quite grasp the intricacies of the system, so she may think she’s done an awesome job in her own mind, while I meanwhile am spending the past month wondering what the heck is that smell in the livingroom and where the heck is it coming from.

The Story of Mouse

Posted 2009.06.22 11.18 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

The day began like every other. Mouse woke, and left the nest to forage for food. There was activity in the grassy field this day, so he stayed close to the great blue wall that rose up from the ground to the sky. Mouse knew to avoid the large noisy twoleg creatures that sometimes came and dug in the fields. They didn’t seem to hunt or eat mice, but they were so big that one couldn’t help but be fearful.

As Mouse moved quietly along the base of the blue wall, he found something new, something he had never seen before. At the spot where the blue wall became a white wall, there was an opening, a portal, a way through. It was just a crack, as though the white wall and blue wall had parted slightly. It was just big enough for Mouse to squeeze through.

Cautiously, he approached the opening. He sniffed the air. Food! There was food inside. Suddenly his mind was filled with stories and legends from his youth. Shangri-la, mouse paradise. A land where it was always warm, never rainy, yet fresh water and wonderful food were always there for the taking. The legends said that once every few generations, one brave or lucky mouse had found the mythical shangri-la, and lived there in paradise for the rest of his days. Those who found it were always too happy to return, they couldn’t bring themselves to leave such a wonderful place.

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