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Domain Name Shenanigans

Posted 2009.05.12 15.20 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

For a number of years, I’ve been using the same company for all my domain-name registration and nameserver needs. They aren’t the cheapest guys on the planet, and more than once I’ve been asked why I use a company that is ‘so expensive!’

We’ve all seen the ads after all, for places that offer domain names for $10, or $5, or $2.99 or whatever. 

My response of course is, you get what you pay for – and if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. The guys I use (continue to use, and recommend) are local, they have a bricks-and-mortar address, and have top-notch service. The very few times I’ve needed to call their support, it has been easy to get a real live person on the phone, and things are resolved quickly and professionally.

For that kind of service, I’m happy to pay a fair rate. 

I just read this interesting advisory, which is a pretty good and succinct explanation of some of the pitfalls and hazards of domain registration, and why the ‘cheapest’ is not necessarily the ‘best’.

10 things you MUST know before you register a domain name with anyone.