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Posted 2005.10.21 11.15 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

Please note: This is an archived entry, I don’t use the Newton any longer, though I have fond memories of it, and of meeting folks at the SONUG gatherings.

I first heard of the Newton in summer of 1998, but was steered off into the Palm camp before I could learn more about the Newton. I also tried out an HPC device, and even a Rex. I never found any to be truly satisfying, however.

Then, in January 2001, I started thinking about Newton again. I found some Newton related web sites, and started researching. I did like the built-in keyboard on the Sharp Mobilon, so I was drawn to the eMate 300. After some time on eBay, I had an eMate in my hands.

I had purchased it online, without ever having seen one in real life, only pictures. I envisioned something that would fit in my purse. Nope. I needed something smaller, purse-sized, so I did some more research.

My second foray into Newtonia led me to the Message Pad 2100. This was the last best Newton, and even today, is the King of the PDA scene in my opinion. With it’s two PCMCIA slots, 162 MHz StrongARM processor, it is fast and powerful. Unlike todays ‘modern’ PDA’s, the Newton uses Flash memory for internal storage. Take the batteries out for an hour, a day, a year, and your information is secure.

Since then, I have been learning more about my new green friend. There is a wonderful community out there, on Newton Talk a mail-list with over 1200 Newton users. Lots ofgreat websites out there, too. Lots of information. I’ve had my Newtons taken apart, tinkered with their insides, and learned to write some simple software for them.

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